Introducing Divi AI: Powerful AI Tools For WordPress Creators

Today we are excited to release Divi AI, a powerful text and image generator built inside of Divi, allowing you to create spectacular images, write fantastic content, and improve your existing website on the fly using artificial intelligence.

Divi AI is unique, not only because it is conveniently accessible in the Visual Builder but also because it understands Divi and learns from your website, allowing it to create better content. It works like magic, blows me away every time I use it, and I think you will love it!

The Divi AI Image Generator

First, let’s talk about the Divi AI Image Generator, which can create unique and stunning images of all types out of thin air. We put the power of AI image generation at your fingertips right inside the Visual Builder.

AI Image Generation

Generating images with Divi AI is simple. You tell Divi about your image, choose a style, and let the AI get to work. Within a few seconds, Divi AI will create four unique images. If you like one, you can generate additional variations to hone in on the perfect result.

You can create images in the style of photos, digital art, 3d animation, paintings, drawings, and more. Instead of hunting for the perfect image, you can create it quickly and without leaving the builder.

AI Image Refinement

You can also use AI to refine and alter existing images. When creating a new image, you have the option to supply a reference image and control the influence it will have on the final result. You can combine reference images, image descriptions, and styles to create different results.

For example, imagine I am running a clothing boutique and have a stock image on my homepage of a woman outside on a sunny spring day. But right now, it’s wintertime, and I want to change the subject matter and the color scheme to get my website into the Christmas spirit. I’ll tell Divi AI to take this image, swap out the bouquet for a gift and switch the scene from Spring to Winter.

AI image refinement is handy when working with premade layouts. You can easily reimagine existing images while retaining the composition and preserving the interplay between the imagery and its surrounding elements.

For example, let’s say I am building a website for a cafe, but I like the style of this premade layout intended for beauty products. The design looks great, and I even like the images, but the subject matter is all wrong. I can take the photos of beauty products and turn them into pictures of coffee while retaining the original composition and style.

The Divi AI Content Writer

Divi AI can also write content with the skill of a professional content creator. We’ve taken the power of large language models like ChatGPT and Llama 2, tailored them to Divi, and integrated them into the builder.

AI Text Generation

You will notice a new AI button when working with content fields. Click the AI button and tell Divi what you want it to write about, and you’ll get back some fantastic results immediately. Since Divi AI is part of Divi, it knows the module and content field you’re working with. We also give it information about your website and context from the current page, which helps it generate more intuitive results.

Divi AI can write headlines, paragraphs, or even entire blog posts.

AI Text Refinement

You can also use prompts to refine and improve existing content. Take any piece of content and tell Divi Ai how you would like to change it; simple as that! You can also use your mouse to select text from within the content field, and Divi AI will only alter that portion of the text.

Easy-to-Use AI Quick Actions

Divi AI’s content tools come with many quick actions that you can use to refine results and improve existing content. You can automatically translate to different languages, fix spelling and grammatical errors, shorten a paragraph, expand on an idea, change the tone, or tell Divi AI to improve your content automatically.

Using Divi AI is like always having a professional copy editor at your side.

There are quick actions for images too. You can quickly change the style of existing images or have Divi AI reimagine images automatically.

Automatic AI Text And Image Generation

You can even set Divi AI free to generate text and images without instruction. Since Divi AI is learning about your website and your page as you build it, it can produce great content without any guidance.

For example, imagine I am building a website for a florist company. I am working on my homepage and have written several blurbs describing our floral services. At the moment, I am finishing up the module that defines our wedding floral services, and I need a good photo.

If I ask Divi AI to automatically generate an image in this location, it knows all of the relevant information I just described. As expected, it returns a beautiful photo of the wedding floral arrangement I was looking for.

If you are struggling with writer’s block and can’t come up with a good prompt for Divi AI’s text or image generator, you can tell Divi AI to come up with a good idea of its own. This free flow of ideas, text, and imagery means you can design new websites seamlessly without any roadblocks. It’s going to improve your workflow significantly.

There’s An Art to AI Art

AI is a tool, and there is definitely a spectrum of mastery! You can create amazing things if you know how to use it, and you can produce some strange and interesting results as well 😅. Over the next month, we’ll share tips on how to get the most out of Divi’s AI tools. Be sure to keep your eyes on the blog for helpful AI tips and tricks!

More AI Features Are On The Way

Divi AI is a fantastic tool, and AI is something that every website creator should be leveraging to maintain that competitive edge. With Divi AI, you can build better websites, and you can build them faster. Every Divi user can try out Divi AI for free, and you can purchase a Divi AI membership, allowing you and your team to generate unlimited text and images. Swing by to get started, and stay tuned for even more fantastic AI features coming soon.

We are just getting started, and very cool stuff is on the horizon. Be sure to follow and subscribe so you don’t miss my future updates. I always give a detailed look into each new feature, so if you run your websites on Divi, you don’t want to miss these posts!

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