Interactive 3D Hotspots With Elementor Popups

In this Spline and Elementor tutorial I’m going to show you something I just figured out.
This really is some game changer stuff!!

I found a way make your Spline scenes interact with your Elementor popups.

Download Code:

Interactive 3D Hotspots With Elementor Popups

Remix Spline Scene:

How to Import 3D Models to Spline Video:

Get JetPopup:


Get Elementor:

3d Glass Building Model:


Spline Runtime Docs:

0:00 Introduction
1:23 Spline Tutorial Begins
5:43 Spline Look At Event
7:58 Spline Export Settings
12:50 Elementor Tutorial Begins
14:18 Spline & JavaScript Code Explained
16:31 Spline Fullscreen CSS Code
17:18 JetPopup Tutorial Begins
21:06 CSS Pointer-Events Explained
23:38 Spline Mobile Settings
26:01 Spline & Browser Performance

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