How to Use Elementor AI to Create Websites. Simple Detailed Guide

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What is Elementor AI? How do you use it on your WordPress website? Is your website qualified to use it? Watch our detailed Elementor AI tutorial to discover one of the newest productivity boosters when it comes to generating quality, human-like content, and more!

00:00 Intro
00:36 What is Elementor AI?
01:00 Why use Elementor AI though there are a lot of other AI tools?
01:35 Comparison between Elementor Free AI vs Elementor PRO AI
03:28 Getting started with Elementor AI
04:04 How to generate text with Elementor AI
06:25 Creating and adding images using the Image widget
09:11 Adding the HTML widget and using the AI code wizard
10:20 Applying the AI generated image to section Background
11:10 Speaking about Stratum, a collection of high-quality widgets for Elementor
11:50 Creating a banner using the AI feature by Elementor
13:22 Conclusion

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