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Videos are useful elements to your blog and blog posts and articles accompanying relevant videos tend to get higher user engagement. And it is quite easy to upload videos to WordPress, let us see the two ways you can add videos to your WordPress posts or media library in this article.

First Method: Add to the Media Library

Step 1

Sign in to your WordPress account and open the dashboard. From the available options in the dashboard, click on Media.

Step 2

There are two options in the Media menu. You can either add media content from your WordPress media library or add a new one.  If you have videos in your media library, skip to Step 4. Let us assume that you don’t have any media content in your library yet.

Here, Click on Add New.

Step 3

Now a new page appears with two different options to add videos to WordPress. You can either drag and drop files from your device or click on the upload button to add files by browsing through your local storage.

Step 4

Alternatively, if you already have videos uploaded to your WordPress media library you can simply add them from there.

Click on Library to open your media library.

Step 5

You can add, remove and manage your media library in this section. In the sort dropdown menu, you can filter media content by Images, audios, videos, documents, spreadsheets, archives, unattached, and media attributed to your profile. 

WordPress also has a ’Search by date added’ feature to quickly find old media in your library. 

Add Directly to Posts and Pages

The other way is to add media directly to your posts and pages. This method is the same whether you are adding media to your pages or an individual post. Let us take the case of adding a video to your blog post.

Step 1

Click on Posts from the WordPress dashboard.

Click on Add New from the available options.

Now you have a blank new post. Click on the Plus symbol to choose the block type.

Step 4

The menu that pops out has all the types of media you can add to your WordPress article. Click on the Browse All Button to few more media options.

Step 5

The complete menu opens up where you can find image comparisons, tiled galleries, slideshows, stores, and other files, besides videos. 

Click on Video here to upload videos to WordPress.

Step 6

Now again, you can upload videos if you already have them in your media library by Clicking on Media Library. 

If you don’t have any videos in your library, or adding a new video, click on Upload to upload videos to WordPress posts as well as the media library.

Step 7

If you don’t have any media, your library will look like this, and any media you add to your post will be automatically uploaded to the library too.

If your library already has media content from your previous posts and web pages, your library will look like this.

This is a preview of our media library. You can add existing media to your posts from this section as well.

Note that you can also add any other type of media to your WordPress pages and posts, or add new media content of any type to the media library by using this method.

Typically, uploading videos directly to WordPress websites is not preferred as it adds cost by costing more bandwidth and taxing other website resources. This also leads to slow loading websites which affect user experience. This is why users usually use hosting services to upload their videos and then embed the videos from those services to WordPress websites to avoid additional costs.

So, I hope this article gives you an idea of how to upload videos to your WordPress website. If you have any comments or suggestions, let us know in the comments.

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