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Did you know that here at Elegant Themes, our top-tier designers create a FREE fully designed website layout pack for Divi members each week? Currently, the Divi Library has over 75 premade layout packs available, and they’re all accessible right now via the Visual Builder.

In this post, we’ll walk through how to save your favorite Layout Packs and transfer them to your Divi Cloud. This post will hopefully help you get one step closer to a highly-personalized library that you can use across all the websites you build!

What is Divi Cloud, you ask?

Divi Cloud is the latest feature available to Elegant Theme members that allows you to save all your favorite Divi Builder Elements in one area (aka, the Divi Cloud). You can access those saved elements on any Divi website you are building that’s authenticated with your API Key. That means it’s faster and easier than ever before you access your favorite saved library items without having to import and export them between sites manually.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Recommended Method: Use The Heart Icon To Save Layout Packs

We recommend “saving” your favorite Divi premade layout packs by using the new favoriting feature in the Divi Library.

Why This Method: We recommend using this method over the following methods for a few reasons. First, we make sure our layout packs are always up to date with the latest Divi features, and favoriting them using this method ensures you always have access to a dynamic version of your favorite layout packs. Saving a static version (like the methods below do) means you’re saving a copy of that layout pack frozen in time, without future updates. Utilizing this feature within the Divi Library makes sure your layout packs are continually updated. Plus, whatever site you’re signed in to, there your favorites will be!

Alternative Method: How to Transfer Divi Layout Packs to Your Divi Cloud

You’re already able to access pre-made layout packs on any Divi site you’re working on, but if you want to add a premade layout pack to your Cloud, then follow the instructions below.

This method is not recommended because future updates for the downloaded layout pack won’t automatically sync with your personal Divi Cloud. Favoriting items in the Divi Library instead of adding them to your Cloud ensures that any layout pack you use is always up to date.

Alternative Method: Saving Layout Pack Elements To Your Divi Cloud

Here’s how to save specific elements (like sections, rows, and modules) from layout packs.

Why: This is a great method to use if you like certain elements of layout packs, but not the whole design. Saving elements to your Divi Cloud will allow you to access them on any website you’re building that has been logged in and authenticated with your API Key, making building websites faster and easier than ever before.

Final Thoughts

No more hunting for your favorite layout packs in the library! Using the new favorite function via the Divi Library and saving your favorite layout packs to the Divi Cloud makes it easy to locate and load your favorite packs with a few clicks.

We’d love to hear from you! What layout packs will you transfer to the Divi Cloud? One of my favorites is the Apothecary layout pack. Tell us in the comments below!

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