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Divi Cloud is the latest feature included with your membership and acts like Dropbox, but for your Divi website. Divi Cloud allows you to save, organize, and access all of your Divi Builder Elements – like page layouts, sections, rows, and modules. Once your Divi Builder Elements are stored in the cloud, you’ll be able to access, import, and edit them on any Divi website you’re working on that is authenticated with your API key.

Today we’re going to look at how to transfer a local item to your Divi Cloud. Chances are, you have a Divi Library full of your favorite sections, rows, modules, and page layouts. The first step to utilizing your Divi Cloud is to transfer those locally saved items to your Divi Cloud. In this post, we’ll show you how.

Before we continue, let’s define local vs cloud.

Local vs Cloud

Saving Divi Builder Elements locally means you’re saving that element to the website you’re working on. It lives only on that website and is only accessible via that website. If you have Divi Builder Elements already saved to your Divi Library, then that means they are saved locally.

Saving items to the cloud means you can access all of your saved design elements across any website you’re working on that is authenticated via your Divi account.

How To Transfer Locally Saved Library Items To Your Divi Cloud

Before proceeding with transferring items you’ll need to have some Divi Builder Elements already saved to your library. Chances are, you already have some, so let’s dive in!

How To Transfer Your Entire Local Divi Library At Once

If you want to transfer your entire local Divi Library items to your cloud all at once, follow these steps:

All of your library items are now imported to Divi!

How To Transfer A Saved Page Layout To Your Divi Cloud

Want to transfer one specific saved page layout to your Divi Cloud? Here’s how:

How To Transfer A Saved Section To Your Divi Cloud

You can do the same for a section:

How To Transfer A Saved Row To Your Divi Cloud

Here’s how to transfer a saved row to your Divi cloud:

How To Transfer A Saved Module To Your Divi Cloud

And last but not least, these are the steps you need to follow to transfer a saved module to your Divi Cloud:

Final Thoughts

Transferring your local Divi Library items to your Divi Cloud will give you access to all of your favorite Divi Builder elements on any Divi website that is signed into your account and authenticated with your API Key. That means you’ll be able to store, access, and load all of your favorite design elements faster than ever before saving you time and streamlining your workflow! Want to learn more about Divi Cloud? Go to our feature release post!

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