How to Track Form Submissions in WordPress [The Easy Way!]

Want to track form submissions in WordPress? This guide will show you how to see your form submissions and form conversion data easily!

Approximate read time: 3.5 minutes

Tracking your form submissions doesn’t have to be complicated.

And with a simple form builder plugin, you can get everything you need to know about your submissions. In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Let’s get started.

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Getting a detailed look at your contact form submissions helps you improve the experience!

Whether learning more about your audience, improving your website, or improving your marketing, your form submissions give you valuable information.

Here are some reasons you would track form submissions:

With the right form plugin, all of this is made easy.

And we’ve got one that will do the job perfectly.

How to track form submissions in WordPress

First, you’ll want to download the most advanced form builder for WordPress: Formidable Forms.

Formidable makes form building easy for beginners and powerful for advanced users. Plus, it has a built-in bonus option if you want the premium option.

For now, though. Get Formidable installed and activated, then it’s three simple steps:

So, install the WordPress plugin then we’ll get started!

Step 1: Create your form

First, go to Formidable → Forms and click Add New to set up form tracking in your WordPress dashboard.

Next, you can choose one of Formidable’s pre-built templates or a Blank Form to start from scratch.

The templates will save you a ton of time, but they’re a part of our premium plans. So we recommend checking out the list of features to find something that suits your needs!

Then, give your form a name and click Create.

The plugin will take you to its drag and drop builder, where you can start building your form.

Drag a text, email, or any other field to customize your form to your needs.

Once you’ve got all the form fields you need, click Update to save your changes.

Now, we just need to get your form on your site so people can fill it out!

Step 2: Publish the form

Head to the post or page where you want to show your form.

Next, add a new WordPress block and search for the Formidable block. Then, choose your form from the dropdown menu.

Your form will be displayed, and you can click Update to save your changes!

Now it’s time to wait for some submissions and check the results.

Step 3: Check the submission information

Once you receive some form submissions, you can check them by going to Formidable → Forms → Entries.

Next, click one of the entries, and you can view the details of your submission.

A quick look at the information can give you the details you need to adjust your form.

Does one form field need to be more helpful? Is there a form that’s converting more than others?

And that’s the easiest way to track your form submissions in WordPress.

Now, if you want an advanced WordPress form tracking feature, check out the user journey addon below.

Track everything with Formidable’s User Flow

You can stick with basic form entry data or choose to supercharge your data.

And the way to do that is with Formidable’s User Flow feature. While it’s a premium feature, the power you get with this add-on is worth it.

You get form conversion tracking, events tracking, and more with one report.

And with these insight reports, you can improve your user journey!

Move your form to a more popular page, change the color to make it more noticeable, or simply add it to more places on your site! You’ll see your conversion rates improve instantly!

This report gives you a quick look into what you need to do.

You can set up form tracking in Google Analytics, but it doesn’t give you the information Formidable’s User Flow does.

And it always requires you to connect it with a Google Analytics account, a Google Analytics plugin, or using Google Tag Manager.

With Formidable, you get a simple and powerful option that’s simple to set up. Plus, if you want to show form data in WordPress, Formidable Views can do that, too! 

It’s simply a better option. (But maybe we’re biased 😉)

So, you learned how to see responses to your WordPress forms today in a few simple steps.

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