How to Style Tab Titles / Buttons in Elementor Without a Plugin (Pro and Free)

The CSS required to do this is pinned πŸ“Œ to the top comment.

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0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Limitations of this method
0:45 – How to use template shortcodes
1:25 – Preparing the tabs
2:32 – Adding in the CSS
3:05 – Finding the ID of the tabs
3:37 – Switching out the IDs
3:53 – Removing the border
4:11 – Explaining the CSS
5:30 – Styling the active tabs

Tabs in Elementor can be pretty limited. Templates fix this, somewhat, despite being a little buggy, but the tab titles, or buttons, whatever you want to call them, are still very basic in terms of design options. You can use plugins, but that’s not always the best option. Well, we can avoid using a plugin and still get very good looking titles just by adding in a little bit of CSS. I recommend using Mozilla Firefox for this, because their inspector is very easy to use. #Elementor #Tabs #TabTitles

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