How to Show Step-by-Step Information on Your Elementor Site using the Step Flow Widget

Looking to show step-by-step information in a flow chart style? Well, it’s easier than you could think. It only requires a few steps to do that using the step flow widget of Happy Elementor Addons.

Currently, this is a trendy thing to do. Using this widget, you can show visual imagery of a journey from the beginning to the current time. It can be done through a manual process which is tough for many of us.

So let’s how to use a step flow widget and add a flowchart, diagram, or workflow on an Elementor site.

Let’s see how to do it in this video. But first of all, install and activate the plugins:

Elementor Free
Happy Addons Free

Do make sure to install and activate the plugins before you start using the widget:

After you install the plugin, you can directly use the widget on your Elementor site. Just go to your Elementor editing panel and add the widget from the widget gallery. And then you can add icons, change the direction arrow or disable it, badge text, colors, title, and description. Do it smartly to show or reveal a story.

Let’s see the video to learn how to use and customize any workflow or chart in a smart way!


0:5 Introduction of the widget
0:50 Required plugins to get started with the process
1:05 Adding the widget to the Editing panel
1:30 Styling the widget
1:45 Styling the title & description
2:05 Changing styles of the direction
2:20 Exploring other options of the widget

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For more details on Step Flow Widget, please visit:

Step Flow Widget Demo Page:

Elementor Step Flow Widget Demo

Step Flow Widget Documentation Page:

Step Flow

Pricing Page:


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