How to Protect Flexbox Containers in Elementor with MemberPress (Tutorial)

With the MemberPress + Elementor Flexbox integration, you can blend precision page-building with the protection powers of MemberPress Rules. You’ll get:

💻 Near-infinite ways to protect content
🖌️ Pixel-perfect drag-and-drop design
⚡ Speed-of-light page loading
💸 Ultimate upsell customization

When you combine the power of MemberPress Rules and Elementor Flexbox containers, you get near-infinite paywalling possibilities. You can create paywalls that are based on membership levels, restrict access to certain pages or posts, and even create custom login pages that only members can access.

All of these awe-inspiring features will make your customers BUY MORE 🤑 and increase your critical revenue mass 🪐

Unleash vast new ways to display content that PAYS with the MemberPress + Elementor Flexbox Integration! Draw customers into YOUR universe and unlock revenue like never before 💵

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► Timestamps ⏱️
00:00 What are Flexbox Containers?
01:12 Notes before getting started
01:34 Activating Flexbox Containers
01:58 Creating a post with Elementor
03:35 Protecting content
05:09 Setting an unauthorized message
06:40 Inserting a login form on an unauthorized message
07:25 Testing
08:10 Conclusion

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Support Documentation: Installing & Configuring our Elementor Add-on

Elementor Add-on for MemberPress


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MemberPress Elementor Add-On for Content Protection [+ Video]

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