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Once you’ve worked with Divi for a while, it’s easy to build a large library of building elements. The advantage of Divi Cloud is that we can store those building elements in the cloud to access from any Divi website at any time. This means you could have a large library to sort or search through to find the right layout. Fortunately, Divi Cloud makes it easy to preview your layouts before importing them, making your library easier to use. In this post, we’ll see how to preview a Divi Cloud item using three different methods to help you narrow down your options before importing your layouts.

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Why Preview a Divi Cloud Item?

Previewing a Divi Cloud item before importing it is a great way to save time. One of the advantages of using Divi Cloud is the ability to create and save multiple variations of your layouts. As with any folder of useful website building tools, once you have several layouts, it can become difficult to know which layout is which.

The preview gives you a snapshot of the layout before importing it. This makes it much easier to import the correct layout every time. This is especially helpful if you have multiple layouts that look similar or have similar names.

Previewing makes browsing your library easier. You can search through and sort the layouts until something catches your eye, and then preview it to know if it will work for you. You’ll have an idea of what the layout looks like before importing it.

How to Easily Find Divi Cloud Items

Before we see how to preview a Divi Cloud item, let’s see how to find them. There are several methods to find your Divi layouts within Divi Cloud.

How to Preview a Divi Cloud Item

There are three ways a Divi Cloud item can be previewed inside your Divi Cloud. Let’s see how to preview your Divi layouts with all three methods.

Preview the Divi Cloud Item Thumbnail

Previewing the layout’s thumbnail is the fastest and easiest way to preview, but, since it’s a thumbnail, it’s smaller and more difficult to see the details.

Preview a Divi Cloud Item in Layout Details

You can also preview the Divi Cloud layouts in a larger window that you can scroll through. This preview shows a large image of the layout and it is great for giving you a detailed look at the layout before using it.

Preview a Live Demo

Finally, you can preview the layout as a live demo on your website. The live demo is completely interactive and responsive. This gives you the best view of the layout before using it.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at how to preview a Divi Cloud item. Previewing is a great way to browse your Divi Cloud library. There are several methods to preview layouts which include viewing a thumbnail, viewing a larger image, and seeing the layout on your website. Each of the methods has advantages in speed, details, and interactivity. All three methods are worth trying to help you narrow down the exact Divi layout you want to use on your website. I recommend using them in the order we’ve shown there here to find your Divi Cloud layout in the fastest way possible.

We want to hear from you. Do you preview your Divi Cloud items before importing them? Let us know in the comments.

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