How to Make Portfolio Website With WordPress and Elementor (Free Template) 🔥

From Start to Finish.
We will Transfer Figma Design to WordPress and Elementor Pro.
Have fun.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Creating Staging New WP Install
2:00 Setting Up WordPress
2:55 Installing Elementor
4:00 Setting up Elementor Features
5:50 Start Building
6:20 Building Header
7:30 Site Settings Fonts Colors
13:30 Building Portfolio Homepage
18:40 Building Logo Carousel Slider Marquee Section
21:50 Building 3 Service Columns Section
24:20 Building Latest Work/Posts Section
30:45 Setting the portfolio Page as Homepage
31:30 Building Review Section
33:40 Building Footer Section
42:28 Hide Title: Ooops I almost forgot it 🙂

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