How To Make Mailchimp Popup in WordPress (An Easy Guide)

Wondering how to make Mailchimp popup in WordPress? This guide will show you how to easily create your MailChimp popup form in WordPress!

How To Make Mailchimp Popup in WordPress (An Easy Guide)

Did you know the average popup form converts at 11% according to expert insights?

If you’re a Mailchimp subscriber and don’t have a Mailchimp popup form on your WordPress site, you’re missing out on marketing opportunities for your newsletter or transactional emails.

You can put popups on posts, landing pages, and more. It’s a versatile part of your email strategy.

But no need to worry.

This guide will show you how to make a Mailchimp popup in WordPress so you can start capturing leads with your popup. 

And as a bonus, we’ll show you how it can also be done with our top-notch form builder: Formidable Forms

We’ll look at a few different areas here:

  1. How to create a popup form in Mailchimp for WordPress
  2. How to edit Mailchimp popup form settings in WordPress
  3. How to supercharge your Mailchimp popups (using Formidable Forms)

Let’s do it!

1. How to Create a Popup Form in Mailchimp for WordPress

So, if you’re wondering, “How do I get Mailchimp to pop up in WordPress?” This is the section for you.

We’ll start by creating a form. 

For this, head to your Mailchimp account on the Mailchimp website. The only downside to this process is switching between two websites: Mailchimp and WordPress.

Unfortunately, you can’t create your popup Mailchimp form in WordPress. It all has to be done within Mailchimp.

To start, go to your Mailchimp Dashboard, and select Create

On the left-hand side, select Signup Form Pop-up form. Select your audience for your Mailchimp popup, then select Begin.

The customization and display options are basic. You can edit them using the floating block to the left.

Mailchimp's pop-up form builder

Adjust your text, and add any form fields you want — first name, last name, address, phone number, and birthday.

Then select Save & Publish.

If you didn’t connect your site already, you will have to copy some code from Mailchimp and insert it into your website’s header for the popup to work.

Okay, so we covered how to create your popup. But what if you want to edit it and customize it?

2. How to Edit Mailchimp Popup forms in WordPress

Designing your forms’ look, their layout, and when they display is an important part of a popup that converts on your WordPress website.

Create a beautiful form, set the correct time to show, and you can have an effective popup form.

On the other hand, don’t spend time on your popup; it could have the opposite effect. It could just annoy visitors.

So it’s important to consider these two things when designing your popup.

Mailchimp popup form styling

The customization options are limited in Mailchimp. You can edit your fonts, colors, and font sizes. 

Also, you can adjust your form field order and add up to five fields.

Mailchimp's styling options

But that’s about it. 

Mailchimp doesn’t provide much customization to stand out for your Mailchimp signup forms.

Mailchimp popup form display settings

With Mailchimp’s form builder you only get a few options for displaying your popup form.

You can choose from:

  • Overlay opacity
  • When to display
  • Show Mailchimp badge
  • Position

To remove the Mailchimp badge, you must upgrade your plan. Otherwise, all your forms will have Mailchimp branding on them.

Mailchimp's display options

There aren’t many options when it comes to displaying your form. You get the basics, but it’s nothing fancy.

You definitely won’t be wow-ing your website visitors.

But what if you want to go beyond the basics and create something better for your website?

Let us introduce you to the most powerful form-builder: Formidable Forms.

3. How to supercharge your Mailchimp popups (using Formidable Forms 💪)

We know what you’re thinking. Of course, we’re going to pitch our product. 

But, we’re not pitching the product because we think it’s the best (of course we do). 

We’re saying it because others think it’s the best.

When you combine Formidable Forms with the power of the best popup form builder for Mailchimp out there (OptinMonster), you get the best popup forms on the web.

Over 300,000+ people use our plugin every day and love it. And here are a few of the features they love about our popups:

These features (and more) make Formidable Forms the go-to option for form building. But let’s look at some of these features in more detail to see what we mean.

Drag-and-Drop Form Builder

Go get your neighbor and bring them to your computer.

Within five minutes, they’ll have a form built. That’s how easy our form builder is. Our goal is to save you time.

Simply click the form field, and drag it to the form canvas. Release your finger, and it’s set.

Formidable Forms drag-and-drop form builder makes creating forms simple

Then add another, and another. Our plugin has 30+ form fields to choose from, so the possibilities for your form are endless.

Whether creating a conversational form, contact form, or a form for payments, it’ll be easy with our form builder (and 150+ form templates).

But that’s not all. 

You can customize your Mailchimp popup form exactly the way you want with our Visual Form Styler 👇

Visual Form Styler

Ever want to design a subscription form that uniquely fits your website?

Well, you can.

With Formidable’s Visual Form Styler, you can customize every area of the form you can click.

Want to change the field labels? Easy.

Border size and color? Done.

The easel is in your hands. Customize your form as you see fit!

We want our customers to feel like they have the freedom to design any contact form they can think up. We think our form builder suite does that and more.

🤔 Did you know?

Making a popup in WordPress can be easy! Check this post for how to create a popup in WordPress in two easy steps!

Popup form translation

Have users from other countries visited your site? How cool would it be to greet them with a popup form in their native language?

That’s a great way to make a first impression if you ask us!

With Mailchimp? Not possible.

With Formidable? We encourage you to reach as many people as possible — no matter where in the world.

Translating a form is simple with Formidable Forms

With our Mailchimp translate for popup forms, it’s effortless.

Next time someone from France visits your site, greet them with a “Bonjour” instead of a “Hello.” 

That’s relationship-building done right.

Mailchimp subscriber tags

Did you know subscriber segmentation is your email list’s most effective email strategy?

What better way to do that than to segment your subscribers using tags?

Get ready to click and type more than a secretary with Mailchimp. You must go through each subscriber individually or assign bulk tags to a group. Either way, you can’t do it automatically.

But why not? Doesn’t that seem like a simple feature?

Yeah, we do, too! That’s why we added it to Formidable Forms. And Formidable Forms accepts Mailchimp easily. We even have a Mailchimp add-on for it!

Formidable Forms comes with a Mailchimp add-on to make things easy

So, whenever a user signs up using a form on your website, a tag will automatically be applied to them on your mailing list. And you can customize it however you like.

Formidable Forms is like Superman (only kryptonite doesn’t weaken Formidable).

Wrapping up

So, the answer to “How do I set up popups in Mailchimp?” There are a couple of ways:

  1. Using Mailchimp’s built-in form builder
  2. Using Formidable Forms powerful form builder

We covered both ways but pointed out the limitations of the Mailchimp form builder. Basic customization options, not much layout control, and switching between two websites consistently.

With Formidable Forms, all of that is simplified.

You not only get a Mailchimp plugin but one of the best WordPress plugins, period. It’s as simple as pulling Mailchimp data from your app into Formidable.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity. Go install and activate Formidable Forms now!

We hope this Mailchimp tutorial helped your experience today, but be sure to check out our blog for the latest industry trends and a full email marketing library.

Read more about Mailchimp here!

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