How To Make A Website With AI (2024 Guide)

Building a website nowadays is not as daunting a task as it once was, but it can still prove to be a bothersome process. A typical webpage comprises considerable text, images, and careful organization. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could craft a website from scratch in just a few minutes? With the dawn of AI-powered tools, web design is another realm in which AI has gained solid footage. In this post, we will discuss how you can use AI to design your website, as well as tips and tricks, limitations, and more. Let’s start without further ado! Table Of Contents 1 What Is AI Website Designing? 2 Benefits Of Making A Website With AI 3 How To Design Websites With AI? 4 AI Website Design: Best Practices 5 AI Website Design: Limitations 6 Conclusion What Is AI Website Designing? AI website design, using AI website builders, involves using artificial intelligence to simplify and improve website creation. Picture having a helper to kickstart your project. AI can assist in generating ideas, proposing layouts based on current trends, and even creating images. It is capable of constructing basic websites based on your descriptions. Consider it as an advanced assistant that enhances efficiency rather than a magical solution – AI helps designers work quicker and more brilliantly. However, the human touch remains essential for achieving the ideal result. Benefits Of Making A Website With AI Imagine making a professional and engaging online space without knowing a lot of coding or paying considerable design costs. This is what you get with AI-powered website building. With artificial intelligence, creating a website isn’t just for people who are good with technology or businesses with a lot of money anymore. Here are some benefits of using AI when you’re designing your website: Enhanced Efficiency: Using artificial intelligence tools can speed up creating websites. This includes tasks like coding, designing, and improving images. It helps you save time and effort, allowing you to launch your website faster. Elevated Design Quality: Using AI tools, you can make your website look better and easier to use, even if you’re not an expert in design. Simplified Content Management: You can use AI to develop new ideas for content, improve your content for search engines, and even create early versions of your articles. This method saves you time and resources, making it easier to handle your content. Cost-Efficiency: By automating tasks and relying less on expert skills, you can cut costs on creating and maintaining websites with AI. How To Design Websites With AI? Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just a trend in web design; it’s revolutionizing the website creation process. With AI, tools have become available that expedite the building process and enhance our creative abilities, enabling appealing website designs. In the ensuing discussion, we’ll introduce three leading AI website builders. These game-changers offer a glimpse into how to make a website with AI: Create Websites Using Divi AI Divi AI is your personal AI website builder and assistant, tailored just for the Divi Theme. It combines various models to craft content that fits perfectly and can create stunning images. With Divi AI, you can develop ideas faster than ever, making it easy to create, tweak, and enhance your websites uniquely. It delivers richly detailed AI suggestions inside Divi, making your web design journey smoother and more efficient. Getting Started With Divi The Divi AI is an integral feature of the Divi theme. To kickstart your journey with Divi, you need a website on Don’t have one yet? No worries. You can pick from this comprehensive list of top-notch WordPress hosts. These hosts offer an additional perk – they’ll set up a WordPress website for you. Once your WordPress website is ready, the next step is to set up Divi as your website’s theme. Navigate to Appearance > Themes on your WordPress dashboard to get started. Importing Templates With your Divi subscription, you can access a library of over 2000 layouts to create your website. Select the “Choose a Premade Layout” option during onboarding and pick the layout that catches your eye. If you want even more options, you can also visit our marketplace to buy templates created by our community members. Divi AI In Action Once you have imported the layout you prefer, you can modify all elements of this layout with the help of AI. For instance, you can use AI to edit the text in the hero section. Not satisfied with the images in the layout? No problem! Quickly generate images using AI with just a few clicks. For optimal results, you can upload a reference image and provide a detailed prompt (you can even enhance your prompt using AI). Add the generated image to the section once you’re happy with it. You can customize the appearance of imported layouts using Divi AI’s custom code feature. Divi AI has been trained solely on Divi’s codebase, ensuring that all generated code is automatically compatible with Divi’s layouts. For instance, we requested the AI to generate code for rounding the bottom of a section instead of having a straight line, and it created and inserted the suitable code. Building a website with Divi’s AI is not just straightforward; it gives you complete control over your site’s features. The Theme Builder is one such example. Divi’s AI can also draft copy and generate visuals rather than just assist in layout design. Plenty of other impressive features are in the pipeline, such as a whole website generator that can create an entirely editable website in response to a few simple questions. Fancy the idea of infinitely using Divi and Divi’s AI across limitless websites? Well, that’s the opportunity available to you for under $21 monthly (charged $245 annually). This makes Divi’s AI not just the most cost-effective but also the most flexible AI website-building solution in the market. Create Websites Using Wix ADI Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) service simplifies web development through an AI-assisted platform. Users are guided through a questionnaire about their business intentions, after which the system proposes a variety of design layouts. This method is swift, allowing for the quick launch of a custom-made website tailored to the user’s preferences. Wix ADI is especially suited for those lacking in design skills but eager to display their blog, ecommerce platform, or small business digitally. Getting Started With Wix Getting started with Wix ADI is simple. Head over to and click on the get started button. You’ll be asked to sign up. Once you sign up, you will be presented with a questionnaire. Answer with relevant questions to get personalized recommendations. However, you may skip the questionnaire altogether by clicking skip on the bottom right. Next, you’ll see a page similar to Google Gemini and ChatGPT. Just share your website idea, and Wix will recommend custom tools, images, and text for your site. Wix ADI In Action After you answer all the questions, the system will create a site profile and suggest various steps to move forward. To maintain the simplicity of this guide, we’ll skip directly to the part where you can design your website. When you click on the Design Website button, you’ll be again presented with two more options: The one where Wix plans your website and another where you select and customize a template. We’ll move forward with the former option to take advantage of Wix’s ADI. Since all information is already provided to Wix in the first step, it automatically creates a website for you. If you need a different design, you can request that Wix ADI create a new one. If the design meets your satisfaction, click “Continue with this site.” You can click on any element you like in the editor and edit its contents, style, and more. Once you’re happy with your design, hit the publish button, and your Wix ADI-designed website will be live for everyone to see! Building websites is straightforward with Wix ADI. The design it comes up with may be simple, but you can easily modify it to reflect your style. Wix ADI eases the process of getting started. The pricing for Wix begins at $17/Month. Create Websites Using Hostinger AI Website Builder Hostinger’s Website Builder uses AI to craft layouts, content, and designs from what you tell it. You can then personalize your site with simple drag-and-drop tools. Plus, you get special extras like an AI logo creator and a heatmap tool to see where visitors click. This tool is perfect if you want a fast and straightforward way to build a website, especially if you’re starting or running a small business. Getting Started With Hostinger Website Builder When you click the “Try for Free” button on the Hostinger AI Website Builder‘s homepage, you’ll be taken directly to a simple questionnaire, similar to Wix ADI, to input context for the website by answering the questions. Hostinger Website Builder In Action After submitting the questionnaire, you will see a preview of a complete web page designed by Hostinger’s AI. Consequently, you can sign up and choose a plan that best suits your business. Then, by entering the editor, you can make the necessary changes to finalize and launch your website. The design created by Hostinger seems basic. Yet, considering its easy setup and an affordable starting price of $2.99 per month , Hostinger’s AI Website Builder could be ideal for those wanting to craft a simple website quickly and inexpensively. Try Hostinger AI Website Builder AI Website Design: Best Practices AI tools are no longer science fiction; they help you, the designer or business owner, quickly create websites that look great and connect with your audience. To make the most of AI, you need a strategic approach. Here are some practical tips for using AI to build unique websites that speak to your audience and meet your business needs: Select the Right Tool: Select an AI design tool that fits your needs and skills. These tools range from offering simple layout tips to providing advanced features like creating content. Pick one that makes your work easier and matches your expertise, ensuring a smooth and efficient design process. Trust Your Intuition: Always prioritize your needs, even if an AI suggests something else. Trust your instincts—they’re often smarter than AI. Make your website look good, easy to use, and clear for the people visiting it. Provide Precise Prompts: When you use AI tools, give clear and detailed instructions and information. This ensures the AI gives you valuable and correct answers. Use simple words and make it easy to understand while keeping a friendly tone. You can use the built-in prompt improver in Divi AI or tools like these to aid you. Collaborate. Don’t Substitute: Consider AI your teammate, not a replacement for your knowledge and creativity. Use AI to spark new ideas, make tasks easier, and sift through data, but always keep control over design, branding, and how users interact with your work. Review and Perfect: Critically assess and refine the recommendations to ensure they align with your brand image and overall design objectives. Stay Updated: And lastly, the realm of AI is continuously progressing. Stay informed about the latest developments and best practices to maximize AI’s potential in web design. Do this easily by subscribing to Elegant Themes’ newsletter! 😉 AI Website Design: Limitations AI might change how websites are made, but it still has some imperfections. Sometimes, it creates websites that look too similar and miss that special touch only you can give. It might not get the complete picture of what you want your website to do, leading to designs that don’t quite hit the mark with your audience or goals. Also, the pictures or layouts it makes could need extra work to be user-friendly and accessible. If you’re looking for something particular to your brand, the customization options might be limiting. While AI is good at simple tasks, it might stumble with more complex features or when trying to work with complicated systems. There’s also a chance that the quality of the code isn’t the best, which could affect how well your website performs and its search engine ranking. Accuracy and integrity are the shortcomings of even the most advanced AI tools and models. Even prominent companies like ChatGPT have faced issues with the reliability of their information. Review your website thoroughly before publishing, and also look for any spelling or grammar mistakes that might have been overlooked. Despite these obstacles, AI remains a potent tool in web design. A synergistic approach that combines the strengths of AI and human designers is often the most effective way to produce visually captivating websites. Conclusion AI simplifies creating personalized websites quickly. While designs may not always be stunning, their functionality makes them appealing. AI streamlines web design, saving time and effort to keep pace with the ever-evolving web design landscape. However, AI tools are meant to assist, not replace, web designers. They excel in their supporting role. No single platform usually offers a full spectrum of website-building tools, yet Divi AI combines planning, content writing, design layout, and image creation capabilities in a unified interface. You’re equipped to launch your project quickly with an extensive selection of 2000+ designs ready for use. By blending these with the designs modified by AI, you can create something truly unique. Creating a website is half the battle won in giving your brand a home online. AI can also help with other aspects of your brand’s online presence, such as SEO and Marketing. How can the most extensive and sophisticated AI tool like ChatGPT help you create websites? Find it out here. So, web designers and developers, What are your biggest concerns about using AI to build a website? Let us know in the comments below.

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