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In the recent past, if you were using a WordPress website you had to use different tools developed by Google. For example, to analyze your web report you need to use Google Search Console, if you want to see the insight of your site then you will use PageSpeed Insights. To save this time Google has released its plugin on the plugin directory, which has surpassed 2+ million installations in only a few years.

WordPress has the largest market share among content management systems and Google knows this. While you can combine Analytics, Search Console, and AdSense with many other WordPress plugins, the Google site kit appears to be an one-stop comprehensive solution for your requirements.

Google first introduced Google Tag Manager, a tool that makes it easier to add tracking tags from other websites or Google services. Google then released the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin, which is an excellent way to get Google Search Console, Analytics, Adsense, and Speed Monitor installed.

Here’s a tutorial for setting up the Google Site kit Plugin in your WordPress website and Connecting other google tools.

Installing Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin

To install Google Site Kit on your WordPress site:

Install Site Kit By Google in WordPress

You’ll be sent to the primary plugin page. A Google Site Kit banner will appear across the top of the website. By selecting the Site Kit option in the left sidebar, you will always have access to the Google Site Kit tool.

What does Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin provide?

For people who already have their website, Google Site Kit is a fantastic choice. It is a helpful plugin that enables any user of WordPress to easily link a WordPress website with the following four Google services.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers you access to all of your website’s data and generates a report that provides a comprehensive understanding of your company. It helps users in seeing trends in how users interact with their websites.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a helpful tool for monitoring the performance and traffic to your website. It also assists in tracking and resolving issues with how your website appears in Google search results.

Google AdSense

One of the most well-liked ways to monetize the visitors to your website is through Google Adsense, which allows you to advertise both your products and services as well as those of third parties on other websites. Textual advertisements can also take the shape of pictures, HTML advertising, videos, and other media. It enables you to make money from the internet content on your website.

PageSpeed Insights

You can view the exact performance of your website on desktop and mobile devices with PageSpeed Insights. This is a really helpful tool since it lets you test the functionality of your website. It offers a list of tips on how to speed up your website.

Setting up the Google Site Kit in your WordPress Site

You must set up a few things before the Google Site Kit plugin on your WordPress site will function correctly after it has been installed and activated.

Linking Your WordPress Site to the Google Search Console

Google Site Kit set up
Google Site Kit set up

Your site will now be configured with a WordPress website. Just remember that your site has now been linked to the Google Search Console. More setup is needed to include Google’s AdSense, Analytics, or PageSpeed Insights.

Way to Setup Google Analytics in Google Site Kit

We’ll demonstrate how to link Google Analytics in Site Kit in this part.

Step 1: As in the previous screenshot, click the Connect Service button.

Step 2: Log in using the identical Google account that you did in the last Step.

Step 3: Click Allow to give Site Kit permission to view your Google Analytics data.

Step 4: Your WordPress dashboard will now appear. As soon as you have selected the appropriate Google Analytics attribute, click Configure Analytics to finish setting up the connection.

Step 5: Google Site Kit and Google Analytics are now connected. To examine the Google Analytics information on your website in your WordPress dashboard, go to Site Kit Analytics.

Process of adding PageSpeed Insights in Site Kit

You can see how quickly your online and mobile sites load using Google PageSpeed Insights, which may also offer suggestions for speed improvements.

Follow these steps to link Google PageSpeed Insights to your WordPress website:

After clicking, PageSpeed Insights should be set up on your WordPress account immediately. You may examine your site performance stats at the bottom of the Site Kit Dashboard once the installation is complete.

Connecting the Google AdSense to Your WordPress Site

You may add customized advertising to your website using Google AdSense. Follow these steps to link your WordPress website to your Google AdSense account:

Go back to your Blog site. You can check back occasionally by visiting your primary Google AdSense account since it could take some time for new AdSense accounts to join.

Wrapping Up

Overall, if you use a variety of services, Site Kit might be a useful addition to your WordPress plugin library. It doesn’t completely eliminate the need to sometimes visit each service’s genuine website though. For example, even though you can peep at some of the most important Google Analytics indicators from your WordPress dashboard, you’ll still need to utilize the Google Analytics dashboard to view all the data.

For more information, visit Google Site Kit’s documentation.

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