How to Install a Font on Mac


What You’ll Be CreatingSo you’ve found a great new font, but you’re not quite sure how to install a font on Mac. Look no further—in this tutorial, we’ll do just that: walk through installing a font for Mac! In addition, we’ll look at how to remove fonts, uninstall fonts, disable fonts, and enable fonts for Mac systems using Font Book. Follow along with us over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel: What You’ll Need  The following assets are used in this tutorial:Fable Bug Simple FontThis is the font that I’ll be using in this walkthrough. You’re welcome to download this font and use it along with me. Alternatively, make sure you have any new font that is not yet installed on your computer, so that you can go through each step in this tutorial.Here’s the font that I’ll install on my Mac in this tutorial—Fable Bug Simple Font.Let’s go ahead and start installing a new font on our computer. 1. How to Install a Font on Mac

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