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Divi Cloud is great for storing layouts you want to access from any Divi website. Store or organize your layouts any way you want and then easily find and import them with a couple of clicks. What happens, though, if you want to make changes to those layouts once they’ve been uploaded to Divi Cloud? Fortunately, Divi Cloud has layout editing features just like the Divi Builder. In this post, we’ll see how to edit a Divi Cloud item inside the cloud itself without the need to download and upload the layout manually.

Let’s get started.

Why Edit an Item Inside the Cloud?

Before we see how to edit inside the cloud, let’s consider why we’d want to.

Editing an item inside the cloud saves time and it’s a simpler process than editing within a page. The process of editing a layout outside of Divi Cloud looks something like this:

Select the item in the Divi Cloud, import it into your page, and make your edits. Once the edits are complete, you’d choose to save the layout to your library store it in the Divi Cloud, give it the same name as the layout you wanted to edit, and save it. Then, you’d have to delete the original so you only have one layout with this name, and you wouldn’t have two layouts with different edits.

As you can notice, there are a lot of steps outside of the actual editing process. This requires a lot of moving the layout from one location to another. That’s not productive time. Also, mistakes can happen in this process, such as downloading the wrong layout, or even worse, deleting the wrong layout. It’s also possible to forget to upload the updated layout, so the updated version isn’t available when you need it. Something as simple as misnaming the updated layout can cause hours of lost time in trying to find it.

How to Find Divi Cloud Items

Before we see the editing process, let’s see how to find the Divi Cloud Items you want to edit.

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How to Edit a Divi Cloud Item Inside the Cloud Itself

Now, let’s see how to edit the Divi Cloud item without having to go through the process we discussed above. As you’ll see, editing an item inside Divi Cloud is simple and easy. I’ve broken it down into three videos just to show more detail.

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Load the Divi Cloud Item to Edit

First, you’ll need to load the layout into the Divi Cloud editor.

Edit the Layout Inside the Cloud

Next, make your changes to the Divi layout using the Divi Visual Builder. This works the same as the Visual Builder within any page except for saving to the library, page settings, and portability. The editor is already enabled, so you can just start making your changes.

Save the Changes Inside the Cloud

Finally, save your changes. The edits are automatically saved in the Divi Cloud.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at how to edit a Divi Cloud item inside the cloud itself. Editing outside the cloud and then uploading it back to the cloud takes a lot of steps. It can also cause lots of mistakes. Editing inside the cloud works as normal and saves a lot of time by simplifying the process. For every edit that you want to be reflected in the cloud, I recommend editing inside the cloud itself. It’s the simplest, fastest, safest, and most productive way to edit your Divi Cloud items.

We want to hear from you. Do you edit your Divi Cloud items inside the cloud itself? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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