How to Easily Put Together a Review Site on WordPress

You’ve probably noticed that reviews are everywhere these days. You see them on almost any website offering a service, product sales, or a site that’s entertainment-focused.

So, it’s worth asking, have you ever wanted to create an awesome review website using WordPress?

Perhaps it’s for pleasure – you’re the kind of a person who feels that urge to share your opinion on your favorite restaurant, movie, or game – or maybe it’s for-profit.

Whatever your motivation, building a review site with WordPress is within reach of even the most novice of WordPress users.

review site for wordpress
You can have a review site up-and-running in no time, despite your WordPress skill level.

Putting together a review site on WordPress is, on the surface at least, relatively straightforward: it’s just a matter of picking the right theme, plugin, or both.

Rather than providing a massive list of options for you to trawl through, we’ve done that for you with just a selected handful of themes and plugins that will allow you to build a review site.

This article will explore ways to create a review website easily. By the time you’re done, you’ll have your 5-star site up in no time.

Things To Bear In Mind

Reviewing Paid-for Plugins Is About Trust

Obviously, when it comes to reviewing products that cost money, there’s a strong reliance on demonstrations and trust in the supporting documentation and copy.

For themes, it is fairly easy to check the look and feel and how the theme works, but for plugins, this is much more difficult.

Support For

Google likes and supports, and so really, every review site should be making sure that its reviews are marked up as per the Review schema.

If your reviews are marked up correctly, then Google will show your listing in its search results with the rating, making it much more noticeable:

Screenshot of the IMDB entry in a Google search results page for the search term Casblanca
What? Only 8.6 for the greatest movie ever made?

In fact, this IMDb page is a prime example of the use of multiple schemas, not just reviews. If you are interested, have a look at it using the Rich Results Test.

If the schema is not included in a particular theme or plugin, a free plugin like our very own SmartCrawl can help. She comes with schema markup support, which can help make it easier for search engines to understand the meaning of your content.

So, let’s get started! We’ll cover themes first and then take a look at plugins.

WordPress Review Themes

    Like the themes, plugins can also do the trick when adding reviews to your site.

    A plugin is beneficial if you already have the perfect theme set up and you want to include reviews on your established site.

    That being said, here’s a look at seven WordPress review plugins. All are highly rated, updated regularly, and have decent amounts of active users.

    WordPress Review Plugins

      What’s Your Review?

      Now that you’ve had a chance to check out some review themes and plugins — what’s your review of them? Hopefully, a few get a high rating from you for your WordPress site, and you can start implementing a theme or plugin today.

      For more information on adding reviews to your site, be sure to check out our post, How to Seamlessly Add Product Reviews to Your WordPress Site.

      Also, go the extra mile and consider adding testimonials. We show you how to get creative and do it right in this article.

      With all of the tools for product reviews, testimonials, and input from your users, you should have your products or services receiving high marks in no time.

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