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When you select your saved layouts from the Load From Library option in the Divi Builder, you’ll see layouts that you’ve added to both your Divi Library and Divi Cloud. What if you wanted to easily distinguish which items are in which locations? Fortunately, Divi makes it easy to know which layouts are local and which are in your Divi Cloud. In this post, we’ll see how to distinguish local from Cloud items in your Divi Library. We’ll also discuss the advantages of both storage options.

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Divi Cloud vs Local Storage

There are lots of advantages to using the Divi Cloud, but it doesn’t replace the local Divi Library. Both are useful. Here are a few advantages of each storage option.

Advantages of Storing Layouts in the Divi Cloud

Advantages of Storing Layouts Locally

When to Use Each Storage Option

Both storage options have advantages, but when should you use them? Here’s a look at when to use each option.

Use Divi Cloud When…

Use Local Storage When…

How to Distinguish Local from Cloud Items in Your Divi Library

Now that we know the advantages of each storage type, let’s see how to tell the difference between locally stored layouts and those stored in the Divi Cloud.

How to Recognize Divi Cloud Items

Here’s a look at how to recognize a Divi Cloud item. For more information about how to add items to your Divi Cloud, see the post How to Transfer a Local Item to Your Divi Cloud. See how to remove them in the post How to Remove An Item From Your Divi Cloud.

How to Filter for Divi Cloud Items

Next, let’s look at how to filter your Divi Library to easily find your Divi Cloud items. For more information on sorting and organizing your Divi Cloud items, see the post Cloud Storage For Divi Layouts And Content. Build Websites Faster With Divi Cloud.

Distinguish Local from Cloud Items Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at how to distinguish local from Cloud items in your Divi Library. Divi makes it easy to tell them apart, move them from one location to the other, and more. There are lots of advantages to both types of storage. With just a few clicks, anyone can easily know which layouts are in their local Divi Library and which are in their Divi Cloud.

We want to hear from you. Do you use both local and Divi Cloud storage for your Divi layouts? Let us know about it in the comments.

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