How To Create Read More Button Elementor Without Plugins (FREE)

Promp: Okay I want this, a picture (company) , name of company below it . and then a button (in the picture role), and then when you click on it that more of those companies by name come below it. Put 3 next to each other and then 3 below them (that is, the ones that flip open when you click read more)

This logo you can use for every picture, also use tracking success as company name.

So 3 next to each other and read more button underneath, when you click on that the other 3 will appear underneath.

The read more button should appear at the bottom, when you flip it open. Make sure that when it unfolds the 3 logos below it are properly aligned.


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Discover the simplest way to enhance your Elementor website with a custom Read More button – no plugins required! In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ll guide you step-by-step on how to create an expandable Read More button using ChatGPT-generated HTML code, perfect for showcasing more content like partner logos or company names on demand. Whether you’re looking to tidy up your partner page or just add a sleek element to your site, this method is free, fast, and incredibly easy to implement. Plus, customize the appearance to match your site’s design seamlessly. No previous coding experience? No problem! Follow along as we dive into the process, ensuring your site stands out without the need for additional plugins.

00:00 Introduction
00:25 Create Read More Button Functionality
01:04 Generating Custom HTML Code with ChatGPT
03:25 Styling Your Read More Button and Content
05:08 Thoughts and outro

Ensure your website captures every opportunity to impress and engage visitors. This video not only simplifies the process of adding a Read More button to your Elementor site without extra plugins but also enhances user experience and site aesthetics. Perfect for web developers, Elementor enthusiasts, and anyone looking to upgrade their website’s functionality effortlessly.

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