How to Create a Wiki-Style Website With WordPress, Quickly


Whether you’re a growing business or already several years in existence, there is no denying that you should have a system in place for answering your customers’ most pressing concerns. Documenting your processes and providing easy access to frequently asked questions is a great way to help both your customers and your employees. If you’re still using files and folders, it’s time to modernize your business and consider adding a wiki to your existing website. A wiki-style website can facilitate new employee training and help them learn the ropes quickly. It can also serve as a customer support center and reduce the number of support questions you receive on a daily basis. All things considered, when your employees know where to find information about your business and when you can direct customers to an answer to their problem, your staff can spend more time focused on nurturing customer relationships so your business can thrive.In this post, you’ll learn how to quickly create a wiki-style website using one of our best wiki knowledge base WordPress themes. Wiki knowledge base WordPress themes on Themeforest What You’ll Need to Get StartedBefore you build your actual knowledge base, there are a few things you need to do. How to Create a Wiki-Style Website With WordPress, Quickly

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