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A promo video is a wonderful marketing tool for promoting your products and services to all those visitors who would rather just watch a video than explore your page for information. And, if you are confident that your video will help boost conversions, it is a good idea to keep the video available to users as much as possible. With this in mind, a sticky promo video (a video that stays fixed at the top of the page) could be a valuable asset to your website.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create a sticky promo video with a show/hide toggle in Divi. The idea is to show the full-size version of the video initially above the fold. Then as the user scrolls down the page, the video sticks to the top of the page for easy access and/or viewing while the user explores the rest of the content on the page. Of course, this can be a bit intrusive for some visitors. So we will also show you how to add a toggle button to give users the ability to show or hide the video whenever they want.

Let’s get started!

Sneak Peek

Here is a quick look at the design we’ll build in this tutorial.

This the sticky video without the toggle.

Here is the same sticky video with the toggle button.

Here is a closer look at the toggle functionality.

And here is what it looks like on mobile.

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To import the section layout to your Divi Library, navigate to the Divi Library.

Click the Import button.

In the portability popup, select the import tab and choose the download file from your computer.

Then click the import button.

Once done, the section layout will be available in the Divi Builder.

Let’s get to the tutorial, shall we?

What You Need to Get Started

To get started, you will need to do the following:

How to Create a Sticky Promo Video with a Show/Hide Toggle for Your Sales Page

Adding the Row for the Sticky Video

To get started, we are going to delete the second text module in the row of the first/top section of the layout.

Under the existing row of the top section, add a new one-column row.

Open the row settings for the new row and, under the Advanced tab, update the Z Index as follows:

This will make sure the video we add to the row will stay above the other content on the page when stuck during page scroll.

Adding the Video

Inside the column of the row, add a new video module.

Open the video settings and upload the mp4 and webm formats for the video of your choice.

If you want, add an overlay image to the video.

Under the Design tab, update the following sizing options:

divi sticky promo video with toggle

Making the Column Sticky

Open the settings for the column containing the video and add the following CSS Class under the Advanced tab:

Then update the stick position as follows:

Now that the sticky position is in effect, add the following custom CSS to the Main Element for the Sticky State:

Update Video Play Icon Size in Sticky State

Next, open the video settings again and update the play icon font size in the sticky state as follows:

Result so far

Creating the Sticky Video Toggle Button

To create the sticky video toggle button, create a new button module under the video module.

Then move the button above the video module.

Open the button settings and update the button text as follows:

(NOTE: This text will be replaced/toggled with the word “Show” when clicking the button when we add our code later.)

Under the design tab, update the following:

(NOTE: the button icon you choose will be rotated 180 degrees when clicking the button when we add the code layout for a more intuitive better user experience.

Update the spacing for the button as well:

Under the Advanced tab, add the following CSS Class to the button:

Under the Advanced tab, update the position option:

Now move the button outside of the column/video to the left by updating the transform translate option in the sticky state as follows:

To finish off the design of the button toggle, we need to hide the button until it reaches the sticky state. To do this, update the custom CSS to the main element for the desktop and sticky state as follows:

For the Main Element on Desktop…

For the Main Element on Sticky…

Adding the Custom Code for the Toggle Functionality

To get the toggle working how we need it to, we will need to add a code module under the video module.

Custom CSS

In the content tab, past the following custom CSS making sure to wrap it in the style tags.

Custom JQuery

Then under the CSS with the style tags, add the following JQuery wrapped in the script tags.

That’s it!

Now view the live version of the page to see the results for yourself.

This the sticky video without the toggle.

Here is the same sticky video with the toggle button.

Here is a closer look at the toggle functionality.

And here is what it looks like on mobile.

Easily Add Additional Modules to the Sticky Column to Compliment the Video

Because the sticky position is added to the column (not the video), feel free to add additional modules/content to compliment the video.

For example, you could include a button at the bottom of the video in the same sticky column.

Then it will stay under the video in the column’s sticky state.

Easily Add Your Own Custom Video Options with this Sticky Video Layout

Having the sticky position applied to the column (not the video) also comes in handy for adding custom video embeds or HTML (using a text or code module) inside the column. The sticky video functionality will still work.

For example, you can add an HTML5 video to a code module within the same column.

Easily Change the Column Structures as Well!

Also, you can easily change the row to any column structure you want to display your video with adjacent content. For example, you may a two-column layout with the sticky video initially in the right or left column. Just make sure the column containing the video content will have the same CSS Class and sticky styling as explained in this tutorial. The sticky functionality will work the same way.

For example, using our existing design, we can add a new column using the layers view and fill that new column with the main heading text.

The sticky column will still function seamlessly while the adjacent column/content remains in the normal flow of the document.

Issue with YouTube videos/embeds Using the Divi Overlay Image Option

If you are using a YouTube URL to embed a video with the Video Module like in this design, it is best not to use Divi’s built-in overlay image (with play icon) option. This will cause the video audio to autoplay from the beginning in the sticky state causing duplicate audio playing at different intervals. So if you want to use Divi’s overlay image and play icon with the Divi Video Module, you should add the mp4 and WebM video files/URLs instead.

Final Thoughts

Building a sticky promo video with a show/hide toggle for your page opens the door for new ways to promote your products and services. Not only can you keep those high converting videos at the forefront, but you can also easily include complimentary information or CTAs above or below the video just by adding it to the same column in Divi.

In fact, you don’t even have to include a video at all, just fill the sticky column with any info you want to stick to the top of the page on scroll!

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.


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