How to Create a Search Filter in WordPress using Elementor Page Builder | JetSmartFilters

🚀✨ Discover the step-by-step video guide on creating a dynamic Search filter using the #JetSmartFilters plugin within the #Elementor Page Builder for #WordPress website.

🎥 Explore strategic use cases to enhance your website’s search functionality, and master the dashboard settings and configuration process for seamless #webdevelopment.

💡Gain insights into admin posts designed for efficient searching and the setup of a provider, all powered by the potent #ListingGridwidget from JetEngine. Elevate your skills and take unprecedented control of your website!

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000:00 Introduction
00:47 Creating search filters
04:00 Search widget content settings
06:43 Query ID options
08:32 Using additional providers
09:29 Style and Advanced settings
10:04 Default WordPress search
11:25 Searching by custom fields
13:01 Using multiple search filters


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