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Did you miss out on our Black Friday sale? Don’t worry! Our Black Friday prizes and exclusive bundles might be gone, but with our Cyber Monday sale comes a brand new set of prizes and exclusive marketplace bundles, so that means you get a second chance!

Our Cyber Monday Sale is still bustling, and there are plenty of Divi Marketplace products on sale that you probably don’t want to miss. That’s why, today, we’re excited to share with you another curated showcase of Divi Marketplace products for events websites. The 5 products featured were carefully chosen to help you build what we’re calling the “ultimate events website toolbox”. We’ll be highlighting the key features of each product and sharing some helpful ways you can use them for your own events websites.

Let’s dive in!

How to Build the Ultimate “Events Website Toolbox” with the Divi Marketplace

1. Divi Events Calendar

Divi Events Calendar, as the name suggests, combines The Events Calendar plugin with the power of Divi to bring you 4 custom Divi Event Modules you can use to style and showcase your event calendar, event feeds, event carousels, event page layouts, and event archive templates. All without using custom code. So for those of you who fancy the extremely popular WordPress plugin (The Events Calendar) and Divi, this is a perfect addition to your event toolkit.

What Makes It Essential: Styling Event Pages and Templates with Divi

Divi Events Calendar works much like Divi’s built-in Woo Modules in the way each events calendar module can generate dynamic content from your Events and style them using the module settings. This allows you to use Divi Events Calendar modules on pages or templates.

You can also take advantage of Divi Events Calendar to design global page templates both for the main event archive page template and for your individual event page template.

Add a Calendar to Any Page
Create a Dynamic Event Page Template
Create a Dynamic Event Archive Page Template

Pee-Aye Creative also provides free bonus demo layouts you can use to jumpstart the design of your Divi Events Calendar modules.

The Divi Event Manager plugin is a complete event management solution for building custom event websites in Divi. Here are a few key features of the plugin:

What Makes it Essential: All-In-One Solution for Building Event Sites in Divi

One of the key benefits of using this plugin is that it doesn’t depend on other third-party plugins to get a solid foundation for developing and managing an event site. It has a lot of helpful customization options on the backend that will help you along the way. And the event modules and shortcodes available make it easy to showcase and design event lists, pages, and templates using the Divi Builder. Currently, the plugin seems to work optimally with the classic editor enabled so make sure to enable the classic editor under Divi Theme Options > Builder > Advanced.

Design an Event Page

You can create new events/pages by adding all necessary event information using the intuitive custom fields inputs on the backend.

By default, you can use one of their pre-styled templates to display your events on the front end.

Design an Event Page Template

Or, you can even take advantage of their shortcode system to build a completely custom event page template using the Divi Theme Builder. This will update the design of all event pages site-wide. You can use their pre-made template to help jumpstart the process as well.

Filter Options

In addition to filter menus similar to The Event Calendar plugin, the custom modules also include a nice filter option to help users navigate through events by category.

Divi Areas Pro is an advanced Divi popup plugin that allows you to convert any Divi section layout into a useful popup for your event site. The plugin comes packed with multiple unique trigger types including:

This will allow you to create custom popups to promote events (or ticket sales), capture new bookings, and much more.

What Makes it Essential: Custom Event Promotion Popups

The plugin feels like it is a part of Divi with a familiar Divi-like UI that allows you to create new Divi Areas (or popups) using the Divi Builder and deploy it whenever, however, and wherever you want throughout your event site.

Once the plugin is installed, you can start by adding a new Divi Area from the WordPress Dashboard (Divi Areas > Add New). Then use the Divi Builder to create a Divi Area (or popup) section. You can even add pre-made layouts to help jumpstart the design.

Once the Divi Area popup is finished, you can optimize the popup functionality using the Divi Areas option tabs below. For example, to add a popup on exit intent for event pages, you can do the following:

4. Divi Sensei Countdown

The Divi Sensei Countdown module is a powerful Divi module with enhanced features and styles to display unique countdown timers in Divi. It comes with a few easy to use styles (including a Flip Clock) as well as all the usual Divi Builder design settings to make a completely custom design without any code. The countdown module also includes additional features including the ability to pull a date from a custom post field and choose the current date with a custom offset. But that’s not all. The module also has the ability to perform actions once the counter has stopped including. For example, you can forward the user to a different URL or even replace the countdown timer with some custom HTML.

What Makes it Essential: Add Countdowns to Event Pages to Create Urgency

The Divi Sensei Countdown plugin is a quick and easy way to get a countdown timer for your event pages. A Countdown timer is an effective promotional tool that you can integrate into your event site to give users a sense of urgency to take action and book an event.

The plugin will work on any page or template that uses the Divi Builder.

Add a Dynamic Countdown Timer Linked to the Event Start Date for All Event Pages Site-wide

If you are using The Event Calendar plugin, you can take advantage of their built-in custom post type for the event start date (_EventStartDate) and use it for the designated date/time for the Divi Sensei Countdown module.

In order to add a dynamic countdown timer to your event page template, you will need to use the Divi Theme Builder to create a new template assigned to “All Events” and then add a custom body area. Inside the body of the template, along with all of your other dynamic content elements, you can add a Divi Sensei Countdown module to the template. Under the settings modal, select “Text” for the type of date option. In the Date/Time input field, click the dynamic content icon, and choose “Manual Custom field Name from the list. Then add “_EventStartDate” as the field name.

This will make sure the countdown timer will correspond to the unique start date of each event on every event page throughout your site.

5. Divi Podcast (Child Theme)

The Divi Podcast Child Theme is an all-in-one solution for Podcasters looking to promote their podcasts and grow their audience online. To get the full functionality of all the features in this child theme, you will need to add some additional free plugins. But once it is all set up you can use it to promote and manage podcasts, receive donations, and manage events.

What Makes it Essential: Beautiful Event Pages

The Podcast Child Theme works great for an event site because it is built on The Event Calendar plugin and includes beautiful event pages to showcase events. That means less time and effort with great-looking results.

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Only Available For A Short Time

Cyber Monday

Has Arrived

Did you miss out on our Black Friday sale? Don’t worry! Our Black Friday prizes and exclusive bundles might be gone, but with our Cyber Monday sale comes a brand new set of prizes and exclusive marketplace bundles, so that means you get a second chance!

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