How To Add Back Button In Elementor | Previous Page Button

In this WordPress Elementor tutorial I will show you how to create a “back button” so the user can navigate to the previous page easily.

Copy JavaScript code from here:

The reason why it’s a good idea to create a custom back button on your website or e-commerce shop is that the back button allows the visitors to quickly pick up where they left off. Even though every modern web browser in 2023 has a built-in back button, it can still be create a better user experience, since the browser’s back button is often located at the very bottom of the screen on a mobile device. And since the majority of web visitors on a website use mobile phones, it can be pleasant for the visitor that the button is easily accessible.

Guide step by step:
STEP 1: First, search for the button widget in Elementor page builder
STEP 2: Go to the button widget’s advanced tab and enter a name in the CSS ID field, in this example I have chosen ‘go-back’ 
STEP 3: Find and insert the HTML widget in Elementor anywhere on the page
STEP 4: Then past the JavaScript code from here:
STEP 5: There you go. You have now created a previous page button for your website!

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