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In this article, we’ll show you how to add a contact form in a footer of your WordPress website using Formidable Forms. We’ll cover using full-site editing (FSE) and widgets.

Choosing where to place a contact form can be a difficult decision. Put it at the top of a page, and visitors might skip over it altogether. Locate it between important blocks or in the sidebar, and users can overlook it. One great placement option for contact forms is in the footer.

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Fortunately, adding a contact form in a footer is easy with most website designs. Plus, modern WordPress themes that support Full-Site Editing (FSE) make the process even simpler. For a quick heads up, FSE is included in the block editor that comes with most new WordPress themes and can be added to currently existing themes.

And if your site’s design doesn’t support FSE, you can always use widgets, instead.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of adding a contact form in a footer. Then we’ll show you two different methods you can use to add this feature to your WordPress website. Let’s get to it!

Why place a contact form in a footer?

Unfortunately, most website owners don’t take full advantage of footer sections. This area of your site can be a fantastic resource for sharing links to important pages that didn’t make the main menu.

You can even add contact forms in footers. That way, site visitors will have a way to reach out if they have any questions after reading all the information.

Another advantage of adding a contact form in a footer is that by the time visitors get to it, they’ll likely already know whether they’re interested or not. In contrast, placing a contact form at the top of a page asks the users to take action before they have much information.

Additionally, the footer is typically where visitors end up if they can’t find the information they’re looking for. Therefore, it’s the ideal place to prompt them to reach out if they have any questions or doubts.

How to add a WordPress contact form in a footer

Now that you know some of the benefits of adding a contact form in a footer, let’s learn how to do it. For this tutorial, we’ll cover two methods: WordPress FSE and widgets.

Please, keep in mind that before you proceed with either method, you’ll need to have Formidable Forms installed and activated. You’ll also want to have a simple contact form ready to use.

Method 1: Use Full Site Editing (FSE)

If you’re using a block theme, then you have access to FSE. This replaces the traditional WordPress Widgets menu with an experience-based on the Block Editor.

To launch FSE, go to Appearance → Editor. Use the menu at the top of the screen to select the Browse all templates option. A list of all the available templates from your theme will appear.

Next, select the Template Parts option in the left-hand menu. Here you’ll find the available templates for your active theme’s header and footer.

Then, you can select the Footer option, and the Block Editor will launch. Now you can add, remove, and edit blocks in the theme’s footer. At this point, our footer only includes a list of links and the WordPress tagline.

For this tutorial, we’re going to remove the tagline and replace it with a Formidable Forms block. When you add this block, you get to choose which form to embed:

Select the contact form you want, and that’s it. Now you can play around with placement and formatting. In our footer, we swapped out the links for a simple call to action (CTA).

When you’re ready, click on Save to update your footer template. WordPress will ask you to confirm the decision and remind you that you’re editing a site-wide template.

If you’re not happy with how the contact form looks, don’t despair! Formidable Forms uses a simple drag-and-drop form builder that enables you to customize your form’s layout. That means you get full control over every aspect of its style without limiting yourself to a single-use contact form plugin.

When you’re finished, make sure to publish your changes to your posts and pages. That’s it!

Method 2: Use a contact form in footer widget

Creating a contact form in your footer is simple with FSE. However, this is a relatively new WordPress functionality, and you can only use it if you have a block theme (and your website is upgraded to WordPress 5.9).

Fortunately, FSE is not the only option. For instance, you may want to stick with the pre-existing theme or your site is simply not ready to change. Don’t worry, you can still add a Formidable contact form to your footer. You’ll just need to use a contact form widget instead.

To do this, navigate to your WordPress dashboard, and then go to Appearance → Widgets. On this screen, you’ll see all the widget components that make up your site. Scroll down to find your footer widget(s):

Locate the footer you’d like to work with, and click on it. You should see a plus (+) icon appear. Click on it and enter “Formidable Forms” in the search bar. Then, select the Formidable Forms widget.

Click on the drop-down menu that appears, and find the form you’d like to add.

As you can see, you can easily add any form to your WordPress footer widget. We’re going to use one of our basic Contact Us forms.

This form contains the standard fields: Name, Email Address, and Message. Depending on your purposes, your form might look a little different.

Next, simply click on the blue Update button in the upper right-hand corner. You should see a small temporary pop-up in the bottom left-hand corner that says Widgets saved.

Now, you can preview how your form looks on your live site. You can always add columns and additional content to get the footer looking just how you want it to.

To do this, simply return to Appearance → Widgets and make the necessary adjustments. And that’s it!

Add contact form in footer WordPress conclusion

A contact form is one of the best tools at your disposal to capture leads and connect with your site’s visitors. However, deciding where to place this element can be challenging.

As we’ve seen, the footer is a fantastic spot for forms. If you use Formidable Forms, you can create and add contact forms to your website in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, with FSE or WordPress widgets, you can easily modify your footer’s layout and embed any forms you create.

Are you ready to create a contact form footer? Try out Formidable Forms today, and design your next form using our intuitive builder!

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