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In the modern age of digitalization, the world is always Cloud computing was perhaps the most smoking point in innovation Robotic Process Automation has gone from being estimated as ‘fresh In the modern age of digitalization, the world is always more than eager to welcome new technologies that offer people unprecedented advantages that make modern life a tad bit easier. Over the course of recent years, however, as more and more enterprises ride the wave of digitalization and continue to integrate technologies such as cloud computing into their digital infrastructure- the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has risen in the cybersecurity world as a staple in providing security to enterprises in an increasingly complex threat landscape. However, unfortunate as it may be, the AI technology has often been exploited against enterprises, with statistics depicting a bleak picture, with more and more cyber-criminals turning to AI for launching increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. One such dark side of AI definitely reveals itself in “deepfakes.” If you’ve been following the slightest bit of cybersecurity news, chances are you’re familiar with the term “deepfakes.”  However, if you’ve been spending the better half of the last couple of years in hibernation, the deepfake technology is basically every reason why some people are critical of rapid developments in the technology field. How Deepfake Technology Will Enable The Next ‘Big’ Data Breach

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