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To consent and proceed, click “Continue to Site.” Google’s Year in Search data illuminates new areas of interest by documenting searches that spiked in traffic over a sustained period of the year, compared to the year prior. Last year, Instagram-famous unicorn cake landed in the number one trending search spot, and the rest of the category was all about the Keto diet. Keto pancakes, Keto cheesecake, Keto cookies, Keto chili and Keto brownies all made the top trending food searches of 2018. This year, trending recipe searches are not for foods that will look good on Instagram, or that will help you narrow your waist-line. (The only Keto-related recipe that made the 2019 list is for chaffle, a low-carb, cheese-based waffle. Google’s Year in Search Reveals 2019 as the Year of Comfort Foods

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