Free Dual Button Widget For Elementor | Create two buttons side by side in Elementor

In this video, we will install Free Dual button widget for elementor plugin. This plugin will help you create two buttons side by side in elementor or multi buttons. This is a free Elementor add on plugin. Name of the plugin is Elementskit Lite. You can install this plugin and you will be able to add Dual button widget in elementor. In this dual button, you can customize the color, text and link for both the side by side buttons. It is very easy to use Widget for elementor.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Topics covered in this video:
โœ… Free Dual Button Widget For Elementor
โœ… Creat two buttons side by side in Elementor
โœ… Multi buttons
โœ… How to use dual button in Elementor

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