Facebook’s redesign is more reason to ditch Facebook

This story from fastcompany.com gives you things we don’t talk about but we should.

At its annual developer’s conference, Facebook announced a redesign of its website and mobile apps. Now, instead of a neverending news feed that’s designed to hook you, the new interface focuses on Facebook’s increasingly popular Groups feature and private messages, all of which let people communicate out of the public eye. Based on the sneak peek of the new desktop version of Facebook, the company’s new privacy-focused future looks a lot like another interface it owns: Instagram. Instagram’s best feature isn’t its own neverending feed of images. Instead, Instagram’s ephemeral stories and direct messages have become the most engaging element of the platform, in part because they encourage direct responses from people rather than the mindless scrolling that Facebook’s previous design had encouraged. With this redesign, it seems like Facebook is trying to emulate some of the success it has found with Instagram by focusing on what Zuckerberg says is one of the fastest-growing parts of Facebook: Groups. Facebook says that 400 million of its users belong to groups that they find “meaningful.” The website design, which will roll out in the next few months, features a redesigned tab for Groups, which aggregates all the posts from the private groups you belong to into a single personalized feed. Facebook’s redesign is more reason to ditch Facebook

thumbnail courtesy of fastcompany.com