Exposed Vet Podcast Tribute to our long time Co Host Jerrel Cook. 03/02 by https–exposedvet-wordpress-com- | Military

Have you heard of Project 112/ Shad? Test like Elk Hunt 1? Jerrel Cook sure has, He was a participant in 112 Elk Hunt. Of the supposed 6000 members involved, very few are alive today to tell their stories. Jerrel has told his story many times over. Jerrel also knows disaster. He is likely the only man alive today to live through the strongest earthquake in American History and one of the strongest F5 Tornados that killed 158 people. He survived in his power wheelchair in a hallway along with his wife, daughter an granddaughter and his dog Yap. He used his power chair to hold one halleay door shut while the rest held the other door. The house was torn apart by the Tornado and he did suffer an injury and was in a tent hospital for a shirt time. He lived 2 blocks away from a hospital that was actually twisted on its foundation by the Tornado. Tune in to hear his story, He wll be listening and call ins are welcome. To call into the show dial 515 605 9764.

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