Events Manager and Pro Updates – Events Manager for WordPress

Posted on July 23, 2023

We’ve released updates across multiple plugins and gateways, fixing various known issues. We are still working on some other minor issues and will release subsequently another update over the following days. Stay tuned!

Events Manager 6.4.4

  • fixed session wakeup issues for the EM_Booking object due to recent atomic tickets update,
  • fixed EM_Tickets_Bookings and EM_Ticket_Booking possibly returning erroneous booking property
  • added JS booking form helper functions em_booking_form_unhide_success, em_booking_form_enable_button, em_booking_form_disable_button,
  • added backwards compatibility for booking ajax responses including the ‘result’ property rather than the new ‘success’ property
  • fixed calendar navigation issues showing default calendar size according to responsive sizing even when using forced calendar_size=”large”
  • fixed advanced filters button in calendar not working when search forms disabled in settings page
  • moved advanced search trigger button html/php into separate template
  • fixed view of calendar changing to default events list format if default search forms disabled in settings
  • fixed error messages when updating Events Manager
  • moved default view setting to events formatting section, outside of search form options
  • fixed booking forms not always auto-hiding after submission is complete,
  • fixed scrolling overflow issues for skeleton loaders on booking form

Events Manager Pro 3.2.5

  • fixed plus signs in emails not producing correct waitlist signup url
  • changed gateway JS to use new EM enable/disable button functions since EM
  • updated checkout template to use new booking form markup
  • added backcompat functions/hooks for sites overriding checkout templates using old markup and missing new hooks,
  • updated goateway to use new checkout form footer action (or backcompat fallbacks)
  • fixed waitlist issues whilst logged in when double-bookings are blocked,
  • fixed possiblity to waitlist-request more than a single booking will ever allow if approved
  • fixed gateway intial load issues of booking intent with minimum spaces already defined with a pre-selected gateway
  • fixed default gateway redirect url (my bookings) not showing successful custom feedback message in notice markup
  • fixed cancellation notice for waiting lists missing formatting,
  • fixed waitlist booking form not collapsing upon successful booking

Events Manager Pro – Stripe 2.0.3

  • added booking status check before loading default bookings page and thank-you message to update a paid booking before display
  • fixed redirect issues for stripe elements

Events Manager Pro – PayPal 1.1

  • fixed JS loading errors if token not obtained due to incorrect API keys
  • fixed booking form flow issues when using checkout pay by credit/debit cards
  • added ability to disable funding sources in PayPal checkout

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