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Events Manager 6.4

Posted on June 2, 2023

We’re excited to announce a new update, and stepping stone towards a major revamp in the way our booking forms work. Additionally, we’ve made many improvements to our search forms and JavaScript structures.

The major feature for this update will noticeably be the new Booking Summary, which is calculated dynamically when tickets are selected, and displayed above the booking button for a clearer breakdown of what your guests are booking and how much for. Here’s a little demo:

Under the hood, a LOT has changed, including a full rewrite of the JavaScript powering our booking forms which are now completely independent of jQuery.

In tandem with this update, we have also been completely rewriting our Gateway API for payments using Events Manager Pro, and have therefore structured our new booking flow JS-side to account for the various new standards and practices of modern gateways. We expect to release the Pro update in the coming days too, you’ll notice in the screenshot we have an integration of the new PayPal Checkout API!

We look forward to what’s to come as always and are even more excited to announce upcoming new features as we build on this solid foundation we have now established.

Events Manager 6.4 Changeset

  • revamped booking form html structure (backwards compatible) and added a dynamic booking price summary
  • moved booking button into own template
  • rewritten booking form JS to remove dependence on jQuery entirely
  • added booking intent architecture
  • added skeleton loader CSS for more intuitive UI AJAX laoding
  • split email logic in EM_Booking->email into email_attendee and email_admins functions
  • added EM_Booking->get_currency() for later multi-currency integration possibilities
  • changed EM_Booking->boking_status back to public scope
  • fixed bug where ticket_id isn’t added to EM_Ticket_Booking if supplied via $ticket_data
  • fixed calendar links not going through if tooltip and modal previews are disabled
  • added minified js files
  • split up events-manager.js into separate src files and compiled/minified by a grunt project in src folder
  • added min main JS and flatpickr l10n file loading if WP_DEBUG, SCRIPT_DEBUG or EM_DEBUG defined to true
  • fixed n/a booking field values when field ID is excessively long
  • added migration for copying previously used uuids in booking meta and making it the booking_uuid (without dashes) value given it is still not ‘officiallly in use’
  • fixed shortcode events_list not recognizing the view argument such as [events_list view=”grid”]
  • fixed PHP warning on graph dashboard
  • added/fixed search form support for inline advanced search and additional options to show/hide fields in both main and advanced search sections,
  • added individual settings for search/geo/scope search input fields in both main/advanced search forms
  • split up search form templates avoiding redundant data,
  • fixed disappearing input fields in responsive forms when search text field disabled,
  • fixed/improved logic for calculating when advanced fields and main search bar should/not be shown,
  • added view selection to advanced fields when main search bar is not shown
  • added fixed ids to view wrappers for fixed pages including event/calendar lists, calendar day lists, location lists, category/tag pages, event/location/tag/category single pages making it easier to use search forms placed on other parts of the page using shortcode
  • added em_template_before_{$template_name} and em_template_after_{$template_name} actions when auto-loading via em_locate_template
  • added additional verification and revokation methods for tokens in oauth api class if access token is not passed within the url
  • added better handling of errors upon OAuth requests
  • added em_search_form_footer action and moved hidden input fields for pre-defined search params without selectable fields into action function
  • fixed issue with misaligned event image placeholder date in widgets
  • tweaked EM_Options::remove to allow deleting entire array options
  • moved privacy checkbox to bottom of booking form user/form fields, above summary and buttons
  • fixed outdated coupon trigger not firing in jQuery for updated booking form

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