Empowering WordPress Training through Translation and Note Taking

December 20, 2023 Dhaka WordPress Meetup, an exciting online event dedicated to enhancing WordPress through community-driven translation and effective note-taking. This monthly gathering is perfect for WordPress enthusiasts who are eager to contribute to the platform’s global reach and usability. What You Will Learn From This Event: Learn and Contribute: Dive into the world of WordPress translations. Whether you’re a seasoned translator or a curious beginner, you’ll learn how to contribute translations for themes, plugins, and official documentation, making WordPress more accessible to non-English speaking users. Note-Taking Workshop: Discover the art of effective note-taking. We’ll cover techniques to capture essential information during WordPress training sessions and meetups, which is invaluable for documentation and community sharing. Networking and Collaboration: Connect with fellow WordPress users, developers, and translators from the Dhaka community. Share experiences, discuss challenges, and explore collaboration opportunities. Interactive Sessions: Engage in live Q&A, breakout discussions, and hands-on exercises designed to equip you with practical skills in translation and note-taking. Resources and Continued Learning: Gain access to valuable resources and guidelines to continue your contribution to WordPress beyond the meetup. WordPress Meetup Dhaka November 2023 1

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