Email Marketing for Woo by Omnisend Review: A WordPress Plugin That Pops

Email marketing is alive and well, and this Omnisend review will prove it! Omnisend offers a platform-agnostic service, but its Woo integration lets you add its feature set to your WordPress site. The great news is that you get access to all of the important functionality that makes up the typical Omnisend service. This post will give you a full Omnisend review. Throughout, we’ll discuss what the plugin offers, how it works, how much it costs, and more. We’ll even look at what customers say about Omnisend. First, let’s look at some of the benefits you’ll get from using the plugin. Why Omnisend Is a Near-Essential Email Marketing Tool Email marketing is still huge business, with around one-third of businesses employing the strategy. In fact, the industry brings in around $11 billion in revenue and continues to rise. This means using the right tool for your strategy should be a priority. Enter Omnisend. This is an invaluable tool for your Woo website thanks to its depth of email marketing functionality. We’ll talk more about this shortly, but for now, let’s list some of the main benefits of using Omnisend: It offers easy integration with Woo through a plugin. The platform’s advanced segmentation and targeting lets you tailor and personalize your communications. You’re able to analyze your marketing strategy and grab valuable insights into how your campaigns perform. Omnisend doesn’t require you to be a coder, as it uses a drag-and-drop interface along with an array of templates for different use cases. On the whole, using a solution such as Omnisend with Woo can help to refine your marketing efforts, increase customer engagement, and boost your conversion rates. What’s more, you can streamline the process of creating your email marketing content. This will give you more time back to focus on other areas of your store. Omnisend Review: The Plugin’s Key Features The Omnisend platform is rich with features and functionality, with a focus (of course) on email marketing. As such, everything you can access will let you target customers and collect data on them. The big feature for WordPress users is how you can integrate Omnisend with Woo. We’ll look at this later in greater detail. For now, here’s a general overview of what Omnisend offers: Access a variety of pre-designed email and form templates for all sorts of use cases. In addition, each one allows for full customization. Speaking of which, Omnisend uses a drag-and-drop builder to help create your emails and forms without the need for code. Given the nature of sign up forms, you can capture customer information with the right customizations and engage them with targeted email campaigns. The plugin also includes many ready-made workflows to help automate your marketing and provide greater efficiency. Omnisend doesn’t just offer email marketing either. It can also help you with SMS marketing too. Text message campaigns are a breeze to set up. Omnisend also provides exemplary support and assistance through a number of channels. For instance, it lets you raise support tickets and find what you need with comprehensive documentation. We’ll showcase this later, but for now, let’s look at how to use Omnisend within Woo. How Omnisend Works Using Omnisend start with two tasks: signing up for an account, and installing the dedicated WordPress plugin. If you have specific questions and needs, you could always request a personalized demo of the app using the dedicated on-site form: Regardless, you can sign up for at least a free plan directly from the website. This takes seconds, and only requires your business details. From here, you’ll come to the Omnisend dashboard, where you’ll see a number of prompts to connect your store: The good news is that there are a number of options for all sorts of stores: Once you choose the Woo option, you’ll see some instructions on how to install the plugin. However, we can do this from the WordPress dashboard. Simply search for Omnisend from the Add Plugin page, and click the Install Now button. Note that you’ll also need to connect Woo to Omnisend from the Omnisend > General screen – and this takes seconds. The Basics of Using Omnisend At this point, you’ll need to work from the Omnisend dashboard. There will be a few tasks to complete to set up elements such as abandoned cart popups and email collection: Along the top of the screen, you’ll see different tabs for the various areas of Omnisend. For instance, there are links to the automations you set up – welcome emails, abandoned cart prompts, and others: Creating a marketing campaign takes you through a wizard where you’ll set a subject and choose a template for your email: You’ll also get a chance to edit the template in full using a drag-and-drop editor. This is where you can also use the AI Assistant to help you write copy, create headings, and more: From here, you’ll review the email and send the campaign out. Building forms happens in a similar way, with a slightly different editor: Regardless, these are fundamental screens to know about, and feels more usable than a solution such as Mailchimp. Omnisend Review: The All-Important Cost When it comes to pricing, Omnisend follows the conventions of other email marketing solutions. There are three tiers – one being free – and all include the complete set of functionality on offer. The difference between the tiers is mostly based on contact, email, SMS marketing allocations you receive: Standard. Here, you can send up to 1.8 million emails to a total of 150,000 contacts per month. There’s also a one-time allocation of 60 SMS marketing messages (with access to dedicated plans once this allocation runs out). Pro. This plan lets you send as many emails as you need to up to 150,000 contacts. You also get nearly 130,000 SMS messages to use per month. Omnisend will also let you access advanced reporting options, so you can better optimize your campaigns. The price you pay per tier relates to how many contacts you set up. For instance, the Standard tier ranges from $16-1,456 per month, and the Pro tier is $59-1,914. We’d appreciate seeing fixed prices for tiers, but if your budget can handle the potential dynamism, you should be okay. Fortunately, Omnisend uses a calculator on its pricing page to help you uncover the exact amount you’ll pay. How Omnisend Supports Its Customers One area where many services fall down is in its support provision. However, Omnisend looks to offer not only round-the-clock customer support through email, live chat, and a ticketing system, it rules the roost when it comes to self-service help too. For starters, you have a Help Center that packs hundreds of articles in to guide you through using almost everything within Omnisend. In addition, you have the Omnisend Academy. This offers videos and longer-form courses to learn how to market your business, using the app as your core tool. We love this, and it’s something other business aren’t doing, or don’t do as well. This is a hands-on way to use Omnisend and build your skills too. The Tools Hub will also offer lots of value, as it collates a number of free ways to make your marketing easier. For instance, you have subject line and product description generators that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to come up with ideas. There are also ROI calculators, and much more: Alongside the blog, podcast, and customer support channels, it’s clear that Omnisend look after their users. In fact, we can let those users tell you what they think next. What Real Users Think About Omnisend One thing is for certain: Omnisend receives such a high level of confidence from its users across a number of platforms. The last section in our Omnisend review will try to cover some of these bases. Capterra is a good place to start, as there are over 700 reviews with an average score of 4.7 out of 5: For instance, this main positive encapsulates what Omnisend does best: “…great integration with Shopify and quick and easy data migration from Mailchimp. It is helpful tool for growing e-commerce businesses…” For the WordPress plugin, the reviews are even better. There are over 100 five-star reviews for the Omnisend Connect plugin. User Upatlast likes the support provision – something we rave about already: “…the few times that I have needed help, the support was quick, and helpful. Best thing about Omnisend is, I don’t need support very much – just a good product…” It’s a similar story over on the Shopify App Store. User Vezorla also complimented the nature and depth of support: “…super great service and fast. They even provided me with a personalized video resolving my particular issue. I got pretty impressed by that…” So, across the board, Omnisend is impressing not only individual users, but it seems the whole user base! In fact, checking out the success stories of real-world businesses may also inspire you to see how Omnisend can help you achieve your marketing goals with Woo. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Let’s take some time to summarize key areas of the post through quick questions and answers. If we don’t answer your exact question here, feel free to ask us in the comments section at the end of the article! Do I Need a WordPress Plugin to Use Omnisend? Do I Need a WordPress Plugin to Use Omnisend?

If you’re using the CMS, we recommend the Omnisend WordPress plugin. For starters, the integration process will be a cinch, and with specific add-ons, you can send data from plugins such as Gravity Forms to Onmisend. How Can Email Marketing Help My Woo Store? How Can Email Marketing Help My Woo Store?

Connecting with your user base in general can give you plenty of positives. However, email marketing lets you target pre-qualified users with further offers that may interest them. The data you collect from their interactions with your content can also be of immense value. What Benefits Does Using the Omnisend Plugin Give Me? What Benefits Does Using the Omnisend Plugin Give Me?

The ability to connect to WordPress and Woo in a direct way is something we can’t understate. You have full integration, and can harness the drag-and-drop builder, newsletter creation, and more. If you want to use Omnisend with WordPress, the plugin is near essential. Can I Connect Omnisend to Other Third-Party Services? Can I Connect Omnisend to Other Third-Party Services?

Absolutely! There are over 130 integrations with Omnisend: WordPress and Woo comprise one of them. However, you can connect social media accounts such as Facebook, ad networks such as Google Ads, and automation tools such as Zapier. Of course, there are plenty more possible integrations with Omnisend. Does Omnisend Offer a Free Tier? Does Omnisend Offer a Free Tier?

Yes, Omnisend offers a free forever plan that lets you send 500 email per month and host 250 contacts. What’s more, you get the same 60 SMS one-time allocation as the premium Standard tier. Wrapping Up In a nutshell, Omnisend is a superb solution for anyone who runs a Woo store. Email marketing should be your goal, which means signups have to be a priority. Omnisend gives you all of the tools you need to capture users, analyze their tastes, and market to them in the most optimal ways. Even better, your budget should stay intact too – if you stay within the dynamic ranges per pricing tier, that is. Does this Omnisend review whet your appetite, and if so, what impresses you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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