Elementor – Sections vs Containers Explained Quickly – 4 Advantages Containers Have Over Sections

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Since flexbox containers will soon be replacing sections, it’s important to know how this is going to impact your workflow. While adjusting to change isn’t easy, containers offer many advantages over sections and they definitely allow you to take everything to the next level without having to use custom code.

The first and foremost thing containers do better than sections and columns relates to layouts. Because you can nest containers, which means you can put a container inside another container, your options regarding complex layouts expand greatly. With sections, once you got to the inner section widget, that was it, you could not go deeper.

With containers, however, you can create and nest as many as you need to, giving you much more control over the look of your website. Creating responsive layouts within a single large container is also much easier than using numerous sections. And, speaking of easy, wait until you try just how simple it is to now add a background color or image to a whole segment of your page.

Similarly, controlling paddings and margins also becomes easier because you can just nest containers within one large container and control what you need to on just that one container, instead of numerous sections. Moving containers around is also much simpler than sections, since all of the nested containers will stay within their larger container. Ultimately, you’ll be adding background colors, images, paddings, margins and moving stuff around on a single container instead of several sections.

Creating clickable content is also much easier than before. With sections, you needed a plugin, CSS or JavaScript to create clickable columns or sections. With containers, it’s as easy as selecting the appropriate HTML tag.

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