Elementor Pro 3.11.0 WordPress Plugin Website Builder Premium

Elementor Pro 3.11.0

* New: Introducing Loop Carousel widget – Create powerful & repeating loop templates and populate each one with dynamic content ([#219](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…)
* New: Added Date and Time Range option to Advanced Rules in Popup
* Tweak: Improved accessibility when opening and closing a popup ([#9788](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…)
* Tweak: Improved accessibility of full-screen mode in Search Form widget ([#19907](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…)
* Tweak: Added keyboard accessibility support to Flip Box widget ([#5861](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…)
* Tweak: Add `aria-label` to read more link in Posts widget ([#13784](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…)
* Tweak: Use `aspect-ratio` property instead of CSS trick in Media Carousel widget
* Tweak: Updated translation string in Stripe widget
* Fix: Masonry and Columns controls are not working as expected with responsive in Posts and Loop Grid widgets ([#20670](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…)
* Fix: Invalid attributes names in Nav Menu widget ([#17400](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…)
* Fix: Post Image Attachments dynamic tag is not working as expected in various widgets
* Fix: Form fields order is not presented correctly when exported to CSV in Form Submissions
* Fix: Dynamic background image and video are not working with ACF in Loop Grid widget

Elementor Free 3.11.0

* New: Introducing Copy and Paste Between Websites functionality ([#9424](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…, [#19183](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…)
* New: Responsive background Image Size – Adjust image size per device to improve performance ([#6778](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…, [#3722](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…)
* New: Updated Swiper Library to 8.4.5 as a Beta experiment ([#18724](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…)
* Tweak: Updated Google Fonts list with 125 new fonts ([#20229](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…)
* Tweak: Added `accent-color` support to Form fields in Site Settings
* Tweak: Use `aspect-ratio` property instead of CSS trick in Video widget
* Tweak: Updated `eicons` library to v5.18.0
* Tweak: Added `generator` meta tag to identify active performance settings and experiments
* Tweak: Improved logo visibility in Site Logo widget
* Tweak: Updated error messages when replacing URLs in Elementor Tools screen
* Tweak: Updated error messages on import/export functionality
* Tweak: Added a responsive control to custom image spacing in Image Carousel widget
* Tweak: Renamed “Experiments” settings tab to “Features” for better clarity
* Tweak: Merged “Hide WP widgets from search” experiment to the version
* Tweak: Promoted “Nested Elements” experiment to BETA status
* Tweak: Promoted “Flexbox Container” experiment to RC status
* Tweak: Promoted “Save as Default” experiment to Stable status
* Fix: Rename `e-action-hash` attribute to `data-e-action-hash` attribute ([#20513](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…, [#16418](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…, props [@huubl](https: //github.com/huubl))
* Fix: Justify Content icons are inverted in RTL when direction is set to column in Container ([#20083](https: //github.com/elementor/elemento…)
* Fix: Various issues when using the convert-to-container functionality
* Fix: Tabs widget changes width size when direction set to row or column in Container
* Fix: Adjusted right-click menu dark mode for blocked options
* Fix: Can’t rollback Elementor version to older Core version

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