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Relying on first-class infrastructure providers such as Google Cloud and Cloudflare gave us an excellent baseline. Still, it’s the continuous optimization by our R&D teams that pushed us into the top tier of WordPress Hosting providers. Elementor Hosting was built from the ground up for performance and scale. Instead of a typical shared hosting environment, we customized our technology stack to utilize scalable resources, ensuring top performance for every website hosted on our service. Let’s Talk Performance Performance is often wrongly considered to be the same as speed. While the two are closely related, our goal is not just to show that we can load sites as quickly as possible. High performance is also about providing great experiences, with low interaction delays, even when the site has a lot of graphical components and plug-ins. Google, for example, came up with three Core Web Vitals. These are three parameters it deems the most important for performance purposes. They are designed to answer whether the site is loading, whether it’s usable, and whether it’s stable. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is the metric for loading performance. It is the time until the largest image or text block visible when the site loads is rendered. LCP below 2.5 seconds is considered good. First Input Delay (FID) is the metric for interactivity. It’s the amount of time that passes between the user interacting with the page and the browser being able to process this interaction. FID below 100ms is considered good. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is the metric for visual stability. There is no need to dive too deep into this one, but Google frowns upon the experience of the layout shifting when something loads unexpectedly. We all had the annoying experience of clicking the button but missing it because some new element just loaded and shifted everything by a few pixels.  Let’s Talk Elementor Hosting At Elementor, we’re in a unique position of building a hosting platform optimized for our industry-leading website builder. Our users’ expectations are high, but that’s ok — we know Elementor better than anyone and work hand-in-hand with the plugin team. Giving our users everything they need to build a website in one place creates unique challenges and opportunities for our teams when we look at performance metrics. Many of the challenges stem from the nature of our user base. Whereas many hosting companies are home to websites with a wide variety of complexity, our audience skews towards professionals, and the websites they build are more complex. Then there’s the understanding that Elementor Hosting has to support the best of both worlds, which means offering premium hosting with enterprise-grade performance, while empowering users to easily build any website they can imagine, from an e-commerce storefront to a personal portfolio. The Results – How We Stack Up The main metric we’ll show you today is from the HTTPArchive’s CRuX technology report , based on Google data. It shows what percentage of the sites from a specific hosting passed all three Core WebVital tests with “Good” scores.  As a hosting provider with our own industry-leading website builder, we continuously optimize the hosting to work better with the builder. Unique initiatives, such as the accelerated plugins, are just a small piece of what our R&D teams are doing to achieve these rapid improvements. To validate Google’s results, we’ve been running a test on some of our competitors’ hosting services. The test included a rudimentary website, which we polled for performance every hour for a week. As you can see [here], the website itself isn’t anything special, nor was it tailored in any way to perform better on Elementor Hosting. This test is too small to elaborate on, but it backed what we see through the Core Web Vitals Technology report. The Best Is Yet to Come We’ve been obsessing more and more over performance lately, and having seen how it translates to a better experience for our customers; we’re not about to stop. We are also more ready than ever to say that Elementor Hosting’s combination of performance and capabilities translates to the best value for your next Elementor-based site, your next WordPress site, or your next site in general.  See why Elementor Hosting is the ideal hosting for Elementor sites Looking for fresh content? By entering your email, you agree to receive Elementor emails, including marketing emails, and agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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