Elementor Header Element Explained – Elementor Tutorial Ep 3

In this episode of our Elementor Tutorial series we will learn all we need to know about Elementor’s Header element as it relates to website development.

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Intro: 00:00
Episode Start: 00:07
Why Your Web Page Needs Headers: 01:00
Headers and SEO: 01:31
Create A Header : 02:00
Change Header Alignment: 02:22
Change To H1, H2, H3: 02:30
Change Header Size: 02:34
Change Font Family: 03:25
Change Header Weight: 04:20
Change Header Transformation – Capitalize, Lowercase, Uppercase: 05:27
Change Header Style – Normal, Italic, Oblique: 06:50
Change Header Decoration – Underline, Overline, Strikethrough: 07:10
Change Header Line height: 08:00
Change Header Letter Spacing: 08:40
Change Header Word Spacing: 09:00
Change Header Font Color: 09:25
Change Header Margin and Padding: 10:05
Outro: 11:00
In The Next Episode – Containers: 11:45