Elementor 3.14 Beta: New Features Spotlight with Ashley Whitehair | Elementor

One-Click Addition of Elements

One of the most significant improvements is the ability to add elements or widgets to your page with a single click. This new feature deviates from the older method where you had to drag widgets into specific containers or columns. With a single click on any widget in the panel, it automatically adds to the last container or column you were focused on. This makes designing a page more fluid and efficient, reducing the time spent dragging elements around. Just ensure the correct container or widget is selected, so Elementor knows where to place the new widget.

Visual Indication of Page or Site Parts

To make the transition between different page sections more seamless, Elementor 3.14 introduces a new feature – a visual indicator for page parts such as headers, footers, and loop items. This is particularly useful when designing pages with theme parts, where you had to click directly on the handle to switch between them. Now, a semi-transparent overlay appears when hovering over any part of the page. Clicking on this overlay lets you edit that specific part without having to precisely click on the handle.

Top Bar Enhancements

Elementor 3.14 comes with an updated Top Bar that offers a centralized area for many of the actions performed in Elementor. The Top Bar was first introduced in Elementor 3.12 and has now seen further improvements. The new features include the ability to add a new page directly from the Top Bar, cutting down the need to switch between the Editor and the WordPress Dashboard. Also, it now features a button called “Exit to WordPress,” which leads you back to the backend of the website part you were working on. These updates are designed to promote best practices and improve the user experience.

Additional WooCommerce and WordPress Functions

Another useful update is the integration of additional WooCommerce and WordPress functions directly within Elementor. 

Within Elementor’s Site Settings, you can also set up your shop page if you have a WooCommerce website. This reduces the need to switch between Elementor and the WordPress Dashboard. Similarly, a toggle to allow comments on a page or post is now accessible directly from Elementor Page Settings.

New Shortcuts

Elementor 3.14 introduces new keyboard shortcuts to make your workflow even faster. 

For Mac users, you can open the “Page Settings” panel by pressing CMD + SHIFT + Y and the “User Preferences” panel with CMD + SHIFT + U. 

For PC users, the same can be achieved using CTRL + SHIFT + Y and CTRL + SHIFT + U respectively. These shortcuts offer quicker access to essential settings, helping to save time and increase productivity.

Additional Styling Options

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