Do I Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

When shopping for a web host, you’ve probably wondered, “Do I need managed WordPress hosting?”

No, you don’t need it in the same way you probably don’t need a piece of chocolate cake, but by the time you finish reading this post, you’ll want it. The managed WordPress hosting, that is. Although you’ll probably want the cake too since we brought it up. Sorry about that.

This post tackles your frequently asked questions about WordPress hosting, including:

  • What type of hosting do I need to run a WordPress website?
  • Do I need managed WordPress hosting?
  • Which type of hosting is best?
  • How do I find the best managed WordPress hosting?

What Type of Hosting Do I Need to Run a WordPress Website?

WordPress will work on any web host as long as it meets the minimum requirements. recommends picking a host that supports:

  • PHP version 7.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.7 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.3 or greater
  • HTTPS support

WordPress developers suggest the system will work best on Apache or Nginx servers, but any server with PHP and MySQL support will work.

Do I Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

No, managed WordPress hosting isn’t required to run WordPress. It’s a premium service that makes running your site easier. Managed WordPress hosting is like valet parking for websites. Yes, you could park in the general lot, but you’ll end up walking longer to get where you’re going. Over time, the minutes add up. Bad weather? The walk is even harder. Managed WordPress hosting is a more convenient and reliable way to manage your website.

Benefits of managed WordPress hosting include:

  • One-Click Installs. Don’t mess with downloading the latest version of WordPress and installing it on a web server. You can create a new WordPress site with a couple of clicks in the Pressable hosting dashboard.
  • Automatic Updates. Keeping your site updated to the latest version of WordPress ensures everything works smoothly. You’ll have access to the latest features and security improvements. Pressable’s managed WordPress hosting includes automatic updates for WordPress core plus all Automattic plugins like Jetpack and WooCommerce.
  • Built-in Backups. If something happens to your site, you’ll want a backup. With Pressable, you never have to worry. We back up your site nightly.
  • Better Site Performance. Managed WordPress hosting is optimized for WordPress, so the sites are faster. Pressable’s servers were configured by the same team that built WordPress VIP,, and WooCommerce. Trust us. Your site will be lightning fast.

Which Type of Hosting is Best?

Managed WordPress hosting is the best choice for any WordPress site. In particular, managed WordPress hosting is a great option if you’re new to WordPress, concerned about security, or need scalability.

Best Host for WordPress Newbies

Managed hosting works great for novice WordPress users because the host takes care of the setup and maintenance. WordPress sites work great as long as you keep them updated. The managed WordPress service ensures your site is always up-to-date. The Pressable team also has WordPress experts on standby to help you troubleshoot any issues.

Best Hosting Service for Security

Managed hosting includes extra security features to protect your site from the most common threats for WordPress sites.

Pressable does the heavy lifting for you. Our team scans your site for malware and other cyber threats. We also use a web application firewall to protect your site from the most common types of attacks from hackers. The firewall blocks malicious traffic while allowing good traffic from your customers without a problem. Plus, our team is here to help with our WordPress hack recovery assistance if your site is ever compromised.

Best Hosting for Scalability

New businesses often start on a cheap shared hosting plan. The problem with these plans is that they’re not designed for WordPress and don’t scale well. So if your site or another site using the same server experiences a huge influx of traffic, your site speed will suffer.

Pressable’s servers make WordPress as fast as possible and handle whatever comes their way. Our unique cloud infrastructure scales to meet the demands of your growing business.

How Do I Find the Best Managed WordPress Hosting?

When searching for a web host or trying to decide “do I need managed WordPress hosting,” it helps to look at user reviews and performance data.

Most companies post only the best reviews on their homepage. If you want to know what real customers say, look at the company’s profile on G2. Pressable’s customers had a lot to say in the most recent summer 2022 G2 reports. We took top honors in several categories.

We recommend reviewing the tests from the Review Signal WordPress Hosting Benchmarks for performance data. Pressable’s high marks illustrate what a difference having premium managed WordPress hosting can make for your site.

Getting Started With WordPress

Do you want managed WordPress hosting? If you’re ready to start building your site or want to move your existing site to Pressable, pick a plan and sign up today.

If you still have a few extra questions, schedule a free demo. Our team can help you decide which hosting plan is right for your business.

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