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Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle is a third-party bundle for Divi that includes lots of modules and extras. It includes 11 layout packs and over 2000 styles, and more on the way. The styles include pre-styled modules and multiple modules combined to create specific elements such as food menus. Since they’re Divi layouts, you can modify them, change their colors and fonts, combine them, and more.

In this article, we’ll look at Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle. We’ll look at its features and see what it can do to help you decide if it’s the right Divi plugin for your needs. There are too many to cover them all, so we’ll look at a few examples to get an idea of what’s included.

Uploading Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Layouts

The styled layouts are JSON files that you’ll upload to your Divi Library. You can upload them as individual layouts, as layout packs, or in sets of 10.

The layouts will then appear in your Divi Library where you can use them in your pages and posts. For Theme Builder files, you can load them directly into the Theme Builder and the layouts will be assigned automatically.

The styled elements display within the same layout. You can load them into your pages and then delete what you don’t want from any page or post, save them as individual layouts, etc.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Page Layouts

This bundle has over 2000 elements. These elements are used within the layout packs, within pages, and as stand-alone elements that you can add to any page or post. We’ll look at a sample of the elements to get an idea of the types of designs that are available. You’ll also see several of the elements in the complete pages. First, we’ll look at a few of the pages.

Contact Us Layouts

There are 50 Contact Us page layouts to choose from.

This is layout #50. It includes a header, a two-column section with text, blurbs, a contact form, and code, and a full-width section with a code module.

The first code module includes CSS.

The second code module contains the code for a Google map.

It creates a clean page design.

Service Detail Layouts

It has 20 Service Detail Layouts.

This is the top part of style #20. This page has multiple sections with text, buttons, sliders, circle counters, images, blurbs, testimonials, and code.

The code module contains custom CSS.

Here’s the complete page on the front end. It includes hover animations for the blurbs and buttons.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Section Styles

Next, we’ll take a look at a few of the sections. Many include multiple modules to create an element, and they include multiple versions of those elements.

Timeline Section Styles

It currently includes 94 timeline styles. This example shows styles 81-90. Most of these timelines are made with text and blurb modules. Some are placed in an alternating layout while others are stacked.

Here are a few of the styles. They use icons and layouts in different ways to create unique timelines. This is one of the more interesting elements because it’s useful and different from what we normally see in Divi layouts.

Business Hours Section Styles

There are 17 business hours designs. They’re made with text modules. Some include images. Many include CSS.

Here are a few examples of the business hours layouts. They can take the full width of the layout or just a small portion of the screen.

Clipping Mask Section Styles

There are 26 clipping mask styles. These are image modules with CSS to create shapes for the images.

Blob Section Styles

There are 22 blob shapes. These are image modules with customizations to create blob-style shapes for the images. This is one of my favorite elements.

Food Menu Section Styles

There are 30 food menus built with blurb modules and custom CSS. Some include images, dividers, or buttons.

Here are a few examples of the food menus. They include different columns and layouts within the columns.

Steps Section Styles

There are 23 steps styles. These are used to show numbered steps for any type of progression such as how-tos, the process of work, etc. They’re designed with blurbs and CSS. Many of them include hover animations.

Here are a few examples with styled icons and text.

Interactive Banner

There are 15 interactive banners made with images and blurbs. They include hover animations to reveal text, images, etc. These are ideal for services, information, sales, etc. I’m hovering over one in the bottom row in this example.

There are 16 CTAs. They’re made with CTA modules and include parallax, full-width, block style, etc. This example shows a couple of full-width CTAs with parallax backgrounds, one with two CTAs, and a CTA with an image on one side and information on the other.

Logo Grid

Three are 24 logo grids. They’re made with image modules and custom CSS. Many of them have hover animations that blur the other logos, zoom, etc. These are great for showing logos of companies and products.

Feature Styles

Three are 35 feature styles. They’re made within multi-column layouts using blurbs, images, contact forms, etc.

The features include hover animations. These examples include multiple columns and elements. They’re great for showing product features, business services, benefits, etc.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Layout Packs

Finally, we’ll look at a few of the layout packs. 11 layout packs are included. Each has lots of page files with multiple options for each. Several have Theme Builder files. We’ll look at a few of the layouts.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Fitness and Gym

First, we’ll look at the fitness and gym layout pack. This one adds 16 layouts to the Divi Library.

It also adds 10 layouts for the Theme Builder.

Here’s part of the home page wireframe view.

Here’s the published view of the entire page. It includes lots of hover animations. This view shows the header and footer from the Theme Builder. The colors work perfectly with the genre.

This is the blog layout created in the Theme Builder. It includes a header, the featured image, styled text, a styled person module with social media follow buttons, a sidebar, etc.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Restaurant and Cafe

The second on our list is the restaurant and café layout pack. This layout pack includes 19 layouts. This one does not include layouts for the Theme Builder.

Here’s a look at the home page. It has 14 sections that include multiple CTAs, blurbs, food menus, counters, blog posts, testimonials, a contact form to book a table, and more. It would also work well for a food magazine or blog.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Church and Charity

Thirdly, the Church and Charity layout pack adds 17 layouts to the Divi Library.

It also includes 7 layouts to import into the Theme Builder.

This is the home page. It focuses on charity and non-profit organizations. It includes 13 sections and CSS. Sections include a fullwidth slider, blurbs for CTAs, CTAs with a bar counter, donations, information, team members, events, testimonials, blog posts, projects, and more. Some of the elements include hover animations.

The blog layout adds a styled author box to the sidebar, a contact CTA, bio, post navigation, related posts, etc.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Lawyer and Law Firm

The fourth layout pack we’ll look at is the Lawyer and Law Firm layout pack, which adds 11 layouts to the Divi Library.

It also includes 10 Theme Builder layouts.

The home page has 9 sections with CTAs, blurbs for services, person modules, blog, contact form and information, newsletter subscription form, etc. Many of the elements include hover animations. This example shows the header and footer from the Theme Builder. This page also includes custom CSS. The colors work great for the genre.

Purchase Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle is available in the Divi Marketplace. Its regular price is $149 and includes unlimited website usage and lifetime updates.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle. I’ve only scratched the surface of the layouts and designs that come with this bundle. It definitely saves time in developing websites. With over 2000 styles, and more added regularly, there are more than enough sections and pages to satisfy most design needs. It does live up to its Ultimate name. Since they’re made with the Divi Builder, the layouts can easily be modified. The included CSS ensures they’re unique.

If you’re looking for a Divi design bundle that can save time on every page of your website, Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle is worth a look.

Have you tried Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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