Divi Product Highlight: Avanti – Divi Multi-Purpose Child Theme

Avanti is a third-party child theme for Divi with over 60 pages in 9 niches to help you build just about any type of website you need. Using Avanti helps you build your website quicker. There are also WooCommerce-focused designs that’ll help you easily set up your online store. In this post, we’ll go through some of the layouts this Divi child theme provides to help you decide if it’s the right product for you!

Let’s get to it.

Installing Avanti is simple. It works the same way as installing a regular WordPress theme, but it has a couple more steps. It’s recommended to install Avanti on a fresh WordPress site. Since this is a Divi child theme, Divi is required. I found the installation process to be intuitive.

Installing Avanti

Installing Avanti

Installing Avanti

Installing Avanti

Avanti Pages, Layouts, and Templates

With a combination of pages and templates, Avanti provides over 60 pages with over 30 elements in 9 niches. This includes complete websites, multiple header and footer designs, shop pages, etc. I’ll show the layout with the placeholder images for some of the layouts and screenshots with the images from the sales demo to get a better look at the finished product. Here are some of the pages.

Here are some of the layouts added to the Divi Library.

It also includes 11 premade and preassigned templates.

Avanti Home Pages

Avanti includes 11 home pages for different types of businesses. They include:

Each includes lots of styled elements, hover animations, scroll animations, and even the Ken Burns effect for background images. They include dummy images with their image size. The Business homepage is the default. This Divi child theme receives regular updates. We’ll look at the two newest home pages, Restaurant and Photography, and we’ll also look at its latest WooCommerce update.

Avanti Restaurant Home Page

The Restaurant layout has 5 pages, including the home page, about, food menu, testimonials, and contact page. Here’s the hero section of the home page with the dummy images.

Here’s a look at the home page with images from the child theme’s demo page. This includes a custom header.

Here’s part of the demo page. As you can see, this is a large page with many elements. All of the full-screen images are stationary. It includes a full-screen hero section with a link to the menu, an about section with image hover effects, images with hover effects that link to the food categories, a CTA to the food menu, a CTA to make a reservation, a two-column food menu created with blurbs, custom testimonial cards, a contact form, and more.

Avanti Photography Home Page

Photography includes 10 pages, including home, about, services, single service, photo gallery, single gallery, testimonials, pricing, FAQ, and contact. Here’s the Photography home page. It also includes a transparent header. This is the hero section with images from the child theme’s demo page.

Here’s the demo home page. This image was taken with parallax scroll effects. It includes a full-screen hero section with a link to the galleries, images that link to the categories, an about section with a link to the full story, styled testimonials with a custom design, a blog with custom blog cards, a contact form with images on both sides and a custom footer with contact information and an email form.

Other Avanti Pages

Aside from home pages, Avanti includes 3 WooCommerce shop home pages, 5 About Us, 3 Services, 3 Service pages, 5 Contact Us, 4 Portfolio pages, and many more. Other pages include blogs, Thank You, Testimonials, FAQ, Pricing, 404, etc. Many of these also include multiple versions.

Home Page Shop V1

Home Page Shop V1 displays a full-width slider with a CTA to the shop. This is the page with placeholder images. This is one of the original layouts, but I wanted to include it to see how the new layouts compare.

Here’s the page from the demo. It includes a section for the shop with categories, best sellers, CTAs, and products on sale. Following this is a full-screen CTA in parallax with text scrolling effects, a blog section for the latest news, and an email subscription CTA.

Home Page Shop V3

Home Page Shop V3 is a new shop design. Here’s the hero section with the placeholder images.

Here’s the page from the demo. It includes a slider with CTA, blurbs with information, a shop section with the featured and latest products, a full-screen CTA in true parallax, products on sale with a styled image, a deal of the day section with a countdown timer, CTAs, new products, the latest news, and brand logos.

Cart V2

Cart V2 is a new cart page that displays navigation icons at the top of the page to show the user knows where they are in the shopping process. It also displays a styled cart, a sale CTA, and cart totals.

Cart V3

Cart V3 is also new. It includes the same style as Cart V2 but moves the cart totals next to the cart and does not include the sale CTA.

Checkout V3

Checkout V3 is a new checkout page. It includes the navigation icons at the top of the page and a two-column section with a checkout form on the left and a smaller column on the right with information and testimonials.

About Us V4

About Us V4 is a new page that’s designed for the new Restaurant layout.

Here’s part of the page from the demo. It includes a full-width CTA in parallax, an about section with zoom effects, a menu CTA, and styled testimonials.

About Us V5

About Us V5 was designed for the new Photography layout.

The page includes a hero section in parallax with a CTA, an about section with a link to the contact page, blurbs that show information, testimonials, a blog, and a styled contact form. Most of these are included on the home page.

Services V3

Services V3 is a new page designed for the Photography layout. It includes a section with images for the services with an interesting hover effect. The image swings upward, and the text swings downward inside the card to reveal a photo and a button to see more. It also includes styled pricing tables.

Single Service V3

Single Service V3 is a new page for the Photography layout. It includes a large section for text and an image to describe a single service. It also includes testimonials, a contact form, etc.

Contact Us V4

Contact Us V4 is a contact page for the new Restaurant layout. It includes a two-column section with contact information, opening hours, and a form on the left side. The right side includes a map in monochrome.

Contact Us V5

Contact Us V5 is the contact page for the Photography layout. It includes a section of blurbs with contact information. The main part of the page contains a large contact form.

Testimonials V2

Testimonials V2 is a testimonials page for the new Restaurant layout. It displays testimonials within a styled card with an image background.

Pricing V2

Pricing V2 is a new page for the Photography layout. It includes the same hero section, testimonials, and contact section from the other pages and adds a styled pricing table. The table displays cards with varying heights and background colors for the titles.

Avanti Elements

Avanti includes several pages with just the elements so you can easily access them. They include headers, footers, slide-ins, flip boxes, service boxes, pricing tables, opt-ins, team members, and testimonials. Three of them include new elements. We’ll look at those three.

Avanti includes 5 headers to choose from. They include dropdown menus with backgrounds that match elements within the header. The first header is the default. It’s set up in the Divi Theme Builder as the global header. All the headers are added to the Divi Library, so you can easily change to a different header if you want.

Service Boxes

Avanti’s service boxes include six different ways to showcase your services. Most include hover effects that add text, change the images, zoom, etc., to create interesting cards.

Avanti includes 5 testimonial designs. These present your testimonials in styled cards. They include the new designs for the Restaurant and Photography layouts. The first testimonial includes hover effects.

Avanti Documentation

The documentation steps through setting up the child theme and performing specific tasks such as disabling the Ken Burns effect, changing the content of the flip boxes, redirecting the contact form, changing the slide-in, adding a menu badge, and more.

Where to Purchase Avanti

Avanti is available in the Divi Marketplace for $35. It includes unlimited usage, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and one year of support and updates.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at the Avanti Divi child theme. I found it easy to use, and the number of pages makes it highly versatile. The new pages and elements look great. I especially liked the new Restaurant, Photography, and shop home pages. Avanti has a lot of pages in many niches, making it a great choice for just about any type of website. I felt that its value far outweighed its price.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried the Avanti Divi child theme? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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