Divi Plugin Highlight: DiviFlash

DiviFlash is a third-party plugin for Divi that adds 40+ new modules to the Divi Builder. It also adds several extensions and includes WooCommerce and Advanced Custom Fields integration, as well as several other features. In this post, we’ll look at DiviFlash and see its features to help you decide if it’s the right product for your needs.

DiviFlash adds 40+ new modules to the Divi Builder. Some of those modules are disabled by default. You can enable and disable the modules in the DiviFlash Modules menu in the WordPress dashboard.

The modules are mixed within the regular Divi Modules in alphabetical order. They include a graphic in the module’s background, and their icons and text are purple, making them easier to find.

We’ll look at a few of the modules to see what they can do.

Advanced Blurb

The DiviFlash Advanced Blurb lets you display an icon or image, title, subtitle, content, button, a badge with two lines, and an item order option. Each element has independent Z-Index options for placements, styles, borders, box shadow, spacing, etc.

Advanced Carousel

The DiviFlash Advanced Carousel creates a carousel that works much like the Advanced Blurb. Add blurbs as cards and include an image or icon, title, subtitle, body content, a button, and item order. Style each element independently and change their order with sliders. Slider animation options control how the carousel works.

Advanced Divider

The Advanced Divider Module includes 10 divider types to choose from. One of the divider types is a custom divider. Display multiple lines and specify the number of lines and the line gap. The separator settings let you display an icon, text, Lottie, or no separator. The design settings include all the adjustments for the divider.
Advanced Divider

Advanced Heading

The DiviFlash Advanced Heading gives you three heading elements, a divider with an optional icon, a divider line background, an infix background, and a suffix background. You can adjust the size of the divider and give it a rounded border. Choose the icon and its position. Style each element independently.

Advanced List

The Advanced List Module lets you add list items as submodules. Add a title, description, and icon to each list item. Display them as a list or in a grid. For the icon type, choose between icons, images, text, Lottie’s, or none. You can always show the icons or have them show on hover. You can add an icon for the title.

Advanced Person

The DiviFlash Advanced Person Module includes an image, name, title, description, and social icons. Adjust each element for color, spacing, border, fonts, etc. You can also adjust the social media buttons’ background color and icon color individually. This module includes 3 layout styles and adjustment options for all of the module’s elements.

Advanced Tabs

The DiviFlash Advanced Tabs Module lets you create unique tabs and style them. You can add as many tabs as you want and style each element of every tab or use a standard styling for all the tabs. You can also style the active tab separately. Add images or icons and add a button. The tab settings include an animation for how the tabs are revealed.

Before and After Slider

The DiviFlash Before and After Slider lets you show two images in the same location and slide between them. Set the slide to horizontal or vertical and have the slider move on click or hover. You can also style the slider, change the icon and color, and add a blur to the icon where the two images meet. The images include individual filter adjustments.

The Breadcrumbs Module adds breadcrumb navigation to your page. Specify the home page text, add an icon, choose a separator, and style the text with the design settings. Place the home icon on the right or left of the text. Choose between text or an icon for the separator. You can also include a custom page link, a search title, a 404 title, enable schema, and more.

Business Hours

The Business Hours Module gives you many ways to set up and style business hours. Each day is a separate submodule. Style them together or independently. Set the hours as a single time, or use the individual open, close, and divider options.

Data Table

The DiviFlash Data Table lets you upload a file to create a searchable table. You can then style it like any other DiviFlash module. Upload a CSV, import a table, Google Sheet, Database Table, or import from Table Press. Show or disable pagination, search, information, order, allow multiple languages, etc.

Image Accordion

The DiviFlash Image Accordion displays images in an accordion container and reveals the image in full when the user clicks or hovers. The first image takes the most space in the container, and all the others are shown as a slice of the image. Choose between a horizontal or vertical accordion, choose how it responds, animate the text, and more.

Image Carousel

The DiviFlash Image Carousel gives you lots of image options. Display images as a slide, cube, Coverflow, or flip. Add dot navigation, arrow navigation, image captions, image buttons, and choose hover effects. Like the other modules, every element can be styled individually.

Image Mask

DiviFlash Image Mask places a shaped mask over the image. It has 30 masks to choose from, and you can adjust the image position, mask size, and rotate every mask to create a unique design.

Packery Gallery

The DiviFlash Packery Gallery displays your gallery in one of 10 different layouts. It resizes and rearranges the images for each layout to create different sizes and styles for the gallery. Some are uniform, while others are not. This creates lots of interesting galleries. Create a different gallery for desktops, tablets, and phones. Change the space between the images, add a load more button, choose hover effects, use a lightbox, and more.

Post Carousel

The DiviFlash Post Element Module is a blog post card builder that displays posts in a grid. It includes 11 elements from the blog posts you can choose to display. You can add the elements you want to display in any order you want to display them. Display for the posts include the image, title, excerpt, author’s name, date, read more button, comments, a divider, and more. It also has overflow options and works like a regular carousel with slider options.

Post Grid

The DiviFlash Post Grid Module works similarly to the Post Carousel in that it’s a blog card builder. It uses the same elements but displays the card in a grid or a masonry layout rather than a slider.

Scroll Image

The Scroll Image Module adds a scrolling effect to any image when the visitor hovers over the image. You have control over the scroll direction, alignment, size, speed, etc. Add a frame, an overlay, a badge, and a caption, and enable a lightbox. You have control over the badge, including the text, icon, position, and hover options.

Star Rating

The Star Rating Module lets you place star ratings anywhere on your page. Choose between 5-star and 10-star ratings and set the rating value with a slider. Add a custom icon, show the rating number, enable a single rating, enable the title, add content, and enable schema. If you enable the rating number, you can show the number with or without a bracket, or show the number with or without the upper possible score. You can also choose the placement on the right or left of the icons. If you choose a single rating, it will display only one icon along with your number options.


DiviFlash’s Table Module lets you create tables by hand. Add multiple rows and then add your content to the row in an HTML editor. It even takes HTML as input so that you can add icons and other types of content. Style the odd and even backgrounds independently, and choose the type for the rows to make a row the header, footer, body, etc. It also includes row merge and column merge options.

Testimonial Carousel

DiviFlash’s Testimonial Carousel Module creates testimonials as cards and displays them in a slider. Add as many as you want and choose between slides and Coverflow for the carousel type. You can add star ratings, a company logo, and a quote icon.

DiviFlash Plugin Settings

The extensions are enabled or disabled in the DiviFlash Dashboard menu found in the WordPress Dashboard.

DiviFlash Extensions

DiviFlash has four extensions. They include SVG and JSON file uploads, a Divi Library shortcode, and ACF support. All these are excellent extensions. The Divi Library shortcode lets you place a complete Divi layout anywhere you can place a shortcode. This opens a lot of design possibilities. ACF support integrates Advanced Custom Fields.

Menu Extension Settings

DiviFlash also includes Menu Extension settings. These enable a bottom-line effect, hide the bottom border, and add space between the menu items.

Import/Export Settings

DiviFlash has an Import/Export feature, so you can easily reuse your designs and settings.

DiviFlash Layout Packs

The publisher has created 12 free layout packs that include the DiviFlash modules. They include multiple pages to help you get started on your website design. They are free to download.

Where to Purchase DiviFlash

DiviFlash is available in the Divi Marketplace for $89. It includes unlimited website usage, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and one year of support and updates.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at DiviFlash. There are a lot of well-designed modules in this plugin. All are useful, and they’re fully customizable. I especially liked the blog and product card builders. It’s compatible with WooCommerce and Advanced Custom Fields and includes several extensions that add even more functionality to Divi. If you’re interested in expanding your Divi toolbox and adding more features to your Divi website, DiviFlash is an excellent choice.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried DiviFlash? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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