Divi Meetup Community Update: WCEU & June 2023

Hey, Divi Fam! 🎆🏖️🎇

June just left the building, and summer is going by fast! With all the traveling that usually happens, I’m surprised work doesn’t slow down. 😅 Nope. Here at ET we’re (I’m) attending WordCamps, facilitating Divi meetups, and the whole team is working hard on Divi 5.0. (have you seen the latest update?).
It’s all good, though. When you do what you love, it hardly feels like work, know what I mean?
How do you balance Summer and work? Comment below! 🙏🏼

Let’s see how our current Divi meetups hosted their June events.

Check out our current stats and community updates below.

The Divi Nation Meetup Network by the Numbers

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WordCamp Europe was held in Athens, Greece this month! I attended and represented Elegant Themes and had such a blast! At the last minute, I was pulled in to volunteer. 😅 I got to interview WordPressers throughout the day on Friday AND I had the pleasure of emceeing on Saturday morning. 🙌🏼 I had a fantastic time and was in my element, truly.

Raquel interviewing Vito Peleg at WCEU.

Raquel and some of the Bluehost crew.

My travels brought me to Spain after Greece, and I had the pleasure of visiting Celine and the Divi Valencia Meetup! What a sweet time to visit with our community. It truly brought warmth to my heart. The bonus was that I got to practice my Spanish. 😅

Raquel and the Divi Valencia crew June 2023

Updates from Existing Groups

Let’s see how our communities faired for June below. ⬇️

Divi Chicago, Illinois, USA

Divi Chicago June 2023

From the Hosts, Joan Margau & Scott Winterroth:

Attendees: 6

Divi-Chicago Meetup was a round table discussion on what’s happening in everyone’s daily use of Divi. Building websites, combining layouts, revising content. With all the work we’re doing in Divi we’re still experiencing repetitive styling and not using all of the features available. We’re going back to the basics of Divi; it’s the tool of our trade.

We love your tenacity, Divi Chi-Town! 💥

Divi Dallas/Fort Worth June 2023

From the Host, Tommy Lee & Kent Pilkington:

Attendees: 8

Divi DFW took a deep dive into using CSS with Divi. Co-organizer Kent Pilkington shared a demonstration of the best ways to use CSS to customize Divi. Next month, our members want to learn more about customizing headers and footers with the theme builder.

You are a beacon to our community, Divi DFW! 🩵

Divi Delhi NCR June 2023

From the Host, Mayank Kumar:

Attendees: 3

Open Discussion to grow the Divi Delhi NCR community, This was the topic for our June meetup and this was not a successful meetup only 3 people were their, including me so I don’t think that it was a good meetup. But yeah I discuss a bit how we will grow this community more. Looking to conduct a great meetup next month.

It’s successful in our eyes! 😍 Don’t be discouraged. 💯

Divi Los Angeles June 2023

Divi Los Angeles June 2023

From the Host, Julius Lopez:

Attendees: 5

Hello from Divi Los Angeles Meetup. We had two Meetups this month continuing the theme of Divi Basics. The early June Meetup is the one we walked through the Divi ‘Visual Builder.’ This was a tour of the Visual Builder from both within the WordPress Editor and editing directly with the Front End Visual Editor. We covered how to bounce between the WordPress Editor and the Visual Editor and why you may need to work in both.

The later June Meetup is the one where we began a tour of ‘Sections, Rows, and Modules’ – the key elements of Divi. This included sharing how they work, ways you may want to use them, and how to mix-and-match modules from various pre-built Divi Layouts. We then started a review of each Divi Module starting with the Accordion and working our way to the Video Slider. However, due to time constraints, we only got to the “C’s” with the “Countdown Timer”.

Our next two Meetups will have us going over the remaining Divi Modules with the early July Meetup covering the “Divider” to “Photo Carousel” modules, and the late July Meetup covering “Post Navigation” to the “Video Slider”.

Come and learn with us. Checkout our Meetup page for dates and times!

I love what you’re doing with the LA group, Julius! ♥️

From the Host, Dennis Dinsmore:

Attendees: 6

We had another guest speaker! Matt Wilson dropped some knowledge on Divi and Accessibility! We learned some general and specific ways to make our Divi sites more accessible to people with disabilities and lower the site’s risk of legal liability.”

The Divi PHX community is growing! Come check it out!

Divi Sacramento June 2023

From the Hosts, Rosalinda Huck & Elizabeth Hahn:

Attendees: 16

In June, we covered two Top 10 Tips Lists – one for starting your own web design business, and one for becoming a web design freelancer/independent contractor. This was a fantastic, informative discussion, intended to help newbies to WordPress and Divi get started on the right track in their careers. We covered several sub-topics from how to define one’s scope of services, to business licenses, to tracking expenses for tax purposes.

You two always come with it with content! 💯

Divi Salt Lake City June 2023

From the Host, Dustin Olsen:

Attendees: 2

For June we had our very first in-person networking meetup post-pandemic. It was great to rub shoulders with people in the area, some we have only ever met online.
For July, we are going to host a virtual show and tell meetup where we will show sites we’ve been working on to provide inspiration.

Yassss! In-person FTW!!!! 😍💯🙌🏼

The Host, Celine de Castro:

Attendees: 5

Divi Valencia had an in-person meet-&-greet! The Community Manager of Elegant Themes happened to be in town so the community got together!

What a sweet community in Valencia! 🥰

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