DevFest For Ukraine, A Charity Conference On The Future Of Tech 🇺🇦

Every day, millions of Ukrainians show incredible courage and strength resisting Russian aggression. Volunteers, individuals and organizations are working together to provide support and raise funds for those in need.

In times like these, uniting efforts and working together as a community matters more than ever. That’s why we’d like to highlight a wonderful initiative today. DevFest for Ukraine, a conference with world-class technical speakers and an important mission: to raise funds for Ukraine.

DevFest for Ukraine is a charitable tech conference that will bring together 20 industry-leading speakers over two days (June 14–15), featuring live streams from London and Lviv. It will address key topics for the future of tech, including trends in Android, web, and AI.

What Can You Expect At DevFest For Ukraine?

The conference will take place online June 14–15, featuring both live and recorded sessions from London and Lviv, along with live Q&As. From tech sessions and inspirational keynotes to networking and overviews of the latest developer tools, DevFest for Ukraine brings together people who shape the future of Android, web, and AI technologies.

Learn from industry-leading speakers like Romain Guy and Chet Haase who have been building Android since 1.0, Jhey Tompkins and Una Kravets from the Google Chrome team, or Robert Crowe from the TensorFlow team who will talk about trends in ML development. The participation is donation-based: your donation will give you access to the live stream and recordings after the event. For the detailed schedule, visit the website.

Where Will Donations Go?

All funds raised will support different causes in a transparent, public way. If you want to learn more about the organizations, the DevFest for Ukraine team summarized why they chose them.

The initial goal was to raise $50,000. Thanks to multiple donations from individuals and partners, they’ve already reached their $50,000 and $75,000 milestones. And now they set a new goal — raising $100,000. With these funds, they can buy about 1,000 first aid kits, or 320 bulletproof vests, or 60 tons of humanitarian aid, which can save the lives of thousands of our Ukrainian friends. Let’s do it together!

How To Join

to support Ukraine and gain knowledge from the speakers who are shaping the future of tech!

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