Delete Old WordPress Core Files automatically with a Plugin

Old Core Files WordPress Security Plugin Review

WordPress security is something that we take very seriously at WP White So when we stumble upon a good WordPress security plugin that helps you keep your WordPress secure we like to spread the word around. In this WordPress security plugin review we will have a look at Old Core Files WordPress plugin which can be used to identify old WordPress core files.

Why Delete Old WordPress Core Files?

WordPress is a well maintained open source blogging platform / CMS solution. The WordPress community frequently releases application and security updates. With each WordPress update some WordPress functions and core files change and some others become obsolete. As a matter of fact if you analyse a directory listing of an old version of WordPress it will be very different from the directory listing of the latest version of WordPress.

When you upgrade your WordPress via the admin dashboard the obsolete WordPress core files are not deleted. By leaving obsolete WordPress core files your website is at a much higher risk of getting hacked. If a vulnerable obsolete WordPress core file is discovered by hackers, it can be exploited.

WP White Security Tip: If you do a manual WordPress upgrade, you do not need to use the WordPress plugin Old Core Files since you are deleting all the WordPress core files before every upgrade.

How Old Core Files WordPress Plugin Works

The plugin concept is very simple; it will list all the old WordPress core files which are obsolete. Once you install the Old Core Files WordPress plugin click on the Settings link highlighted in the below screenshot to be redirected to the list of old WordPress core files the plugin discovered.

Alternatively you can access the list of old WordPress core files from the Tools > Old Core Files node in the left menu of the WordPress dashboard.

Old Core Files WordPress Plugin Dashboard

As you can see from the above screenshot, in the Existing section the plugin lists all the old WordPress core files which have been obsolete. In the All section, which in the above screenshot has 491 files, the Old Core Files plugin lists all the latest WordPress core files for your reference. Therefore you ONLY have to delete files which are listed in the Existing section.

In the first version of the plugin a delete button was available. The delete button will be reinstated in future versions of the plugin once all issues it generated will be addressed. At this stage you can go through the list of files manually and delete them one by one via FTP.

While doing some WordPress maintenance, make sure you also delete all unused WordPress themes and plugins. The less files, plugins and themes you have on your WordPress the smaller is the attack surface for hackers; i.e. the less chances of your WordPress blog or website getting hacked. Remember to always make a WordPress backup before deleting any files.

Keeping WordPress Secure

Old Core Files WordPress plugin is an excellent and simple WordPress security plugin that helps you keep your WordPress secure.

To download the Old Core Files WordPress security plugin from the WordPress plugin directory, click here.

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