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Custom CSS in Loop Template in Elementor Pro 3.12 | Blogging Unplugged Clips

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Hello guys and Welcome to Blogging Unplugged Clips

In Elementor Pro 3.12, Custom CSS feature has been added to the Loop template.

And in this video we will show you the Custom CSS in Loop Templates in Elementor Pro 3.12.

To know more about Elementor Pro 3.12 update, click the links below

Elementor Pro 3.12- https://bloggingunplugged.com/whats-new-in-elementor-pro-3-12/
Elementor Pro 3.12 update- https://youtu.be/gd5FPQ6gu_M

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I hope you will find this video helpful and now are familiar with Custom CSS in Loop in Elementor Pro 3.12 update.

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