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In this video, we will see how to design custom blog page with elementor theme builder. We are going to create blog page template in Elementor theme builder and this new blog page template will be used to show the blog posts archive in WordPress. The default layout of Blog page will show the blog posts one by one which does not look good. We will change it to show blog posts in different columns and grid.

Elementor will give you different options for layouts. You can play with the settings and change the layout according to your requirements.

👉 In this video, I have tried to cover the following topics:
✅ How to create Blog page in WordPress
✅ How to design custom blog page with elementor theme builder
✅ Customize Blog page template in Elementor
✅ Design custom Blog page template in Elementor theme builder
✅ How to create a blog page in wordpress with elementor
✅ blog page design with elementor
✅ elementor pro blog page design

👉 In this Elementor theme builder video Series, we have following videos:
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In the next video, we will see how to customize blog page in Elementor.

I hope that you will like this video on how to design custom blog page template with Elementor.

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