Create a WordPress Theme 5

Create a WordPress Theme 5Here I finish my WordPress Theme Tutorial by showing you how to create the archive and 404 pages.

I also show you how to issue custom queries and how to use a bunch of other WordPress functions in this tutorial.

All of the code for this whole theme  is here Create a WordPress Theme. You can also download the finished theme there for free. And, if you missed part 1 of this series check out How to Layout a Website.

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Great tutorials! Some tutorials about SSL would be great!

You’re the best.

At this moment i almost finisched my wordpress theme thnx to your great tutorials.
But now im stuck, my theme looks verry nice in firefox and google chrome webbrowser.
But looks like shit in internet explorer. The menu is al massed up and some div boxes are out of the positions.

Can you tell me how i can fix this this problem.

What version of Internet Explorer are you using? If it is 6, the default WordPress menu system doesn’t work with it. Even the WordPress 2010 and 2011 themes don’t work with IE 6. I don’t care about it since less than 5% of people still use it. The menu should work in everything else from what I’ve checked.

Its internet explorer 7 if im right.
But if thats treu i think im gonna leave it the way it is now.
But that leaves me whit the issue of the div box thats not positioned the way should.

If i chance some postioning options in the css i can solve the problem for ie, but when i do its massed up in firefox.
I think i have to make a style sheet specialy for ie but excualy i dont know how to do this.

To target a specific version say 7 use

Just stick it in your header.php file

thnx alot but after a long search on google i already found out the solution.

But im sure its verry helpfull for a lot of people.

Thank you very much for your videos, they are awesome. I am starting to check them out but I was wondering if any of your wordpress theme tutorials teach how to create a template that is responsive, that will look nice on computers and mobile devices as well.
Almost all the new themes for wordpress are responsive and I would like to create one like that for my website. Any suggestions??

You are awesome! I have learnt a lot from your vids and have recently been following this wordpress series of tutorials and have been able to make one exact copy of the theme. However, I’m not sure what additional step is required to get the small archive box in the right-sidebar on the home page right below the socialIcons. I did add archive to my right-sidebar widget, but it still doesn’t display. Please sugggest!

Thanks so much.

I’m glad it has helped. If the site is online I can take a look. Send me the url.

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